Norcross bans smoking in city parks

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NORCROSS -- By a vote of 3-1 on Monday, Norcross council members voted to ban the use of all tobacco products on city property, including city parks and park sidewalks.

Councilman Ross Kaul sponsored the move, citing the dangers of second-hand smoke and the city's responsibility to its residents to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Councilman David McLeroy did not support the Tobacco Free Facilities ordinance, stating that he does not have a problem with people smoking in city parks and that he does not like to see city money spent on attorney fees for such actions.

Enforcement procedures and fines have not yet been established for those cited for smoking in prohibited areas, according to City Manager Rudolph Smith.

Parking study, decisions postponed until August

Kaul also moved Monday to vote to support measures that would add much-needed parking spaces to the city's downtown area, specifically at city hall and Wingo Street.

"If people come here for lunch or dinner and can't find a parking space, they're going to leave," said Kaul. "They'll remember that."

According to Kaul, a 2010 proposal could add 22 spaces to the area for less than $50,000, or about $1,500 per space.

Councilman Charlie Riehm asked that action be tabled until August, following a planned LCI Study. Riehm said Monday that the plan Kaul presented would require the removal of nine old magnolia trees to accommodate the additional parking spaces.

Council members voted 3-1 to table the issue.

City resident's 95th birthday marked

Edwin Moulder, a lifelong resident of Norcross, was honored Monday night for celebrating his 95th birthday. Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Hixson presented Moulder with a proclamation marking the important milestone. A World War II veteran and former owner of a business in Norcross, Moulder was born and raised in the city, moving to his current residence in 1945.


HonestIngine 3 years, 3 months ago

So, What's going to happen when July 4th fireworks are going on? Norcross, Police dept will be handing out tickets, like it was Halloween candy....


harleyrider1978 3 years, 3 months ago

A little on the “slippery slope” that apparently – according to the antismoking fanatics - doesn’t exist.

The first demand for a smoking ban was in the late-1980s concerning short-haul flights in the USA of less than 2 hours. At the time, the antismokers were asked if this was a “slippery slope” – where would it end? They ridiculed anyone suggesting such because this ban was ALL that they were after.

Then they ONLY wanted smoking bans on all flights. Then the antismokers ONLY wanted nonsmoking sections in restaurants, bars, etc., and ensuring that this was ALL they wanted. Then the antismokers ONLY wanted complete bans indoors. That was all they wanted. At the time, no-one was complaining about having to “endure” wisps of smoke outdoors.

While they pursued indoor bans, the antismokers were happy for smokers to be exiled to the outdoors.

Having bulldozed their way into indoor bans, the antismokers then went to work on the outdoors, now declaring that momentary exposure to remnants of dilute smoke in doorways or a whiff outdoors was a “hazard”, more than poor, “innocent” nonsmokers should have to “endure”. Then they ONLY wanted bans within 10 feet of entranceways. Then they ONLY wanted bans within 20 feet of entranceways. Then they ONLY wanted bans in entire outdoor dining areas. Then they ONLY wanted bans for entire university and hospital campuses, and parks and beaches. Then they ONLY wanted bans for apartment balconies. Then they ONLY wanted bans for entire apartment (including individual apartments) complexes. Then they ONLY wanted bans in backyards.


Karl 3 years, 3 months ago

Excellent post, harleyrider1978. Thank you.


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