Hull Middle attempts to break Guinness Book World Record

DULUTH -- Once paperwork is filed, there may soon by 873 world record holders at Hull Middle School.

q"This is one of those fun times at school that these kids will remember their whole life," said assistant principal Dianne DiDio, who played a violin.

Teacher Dana Lu said the record of 858 is currently held by Hillsborough County, near Tampa, Fla. To be officially recognized, the school had an option to fly in someone from the Guinness headquarters in London, or fill out about 100 pages of paperwork. They chose the paperwork. The teachers weren't sure when the record would be official.

Police and parent volunteers also were stewards for the event to ensure accuracy. And media coverage was a part of the application. Parents collected tickets that were given to the students for the official count.

Teacher Amanda McClellan came up with the idea, "just to get the kids excited about playing." She said each student would receive a certificate for being a world record holder.

"We love doing things like this to excited," McClellan said. "We know they won't play this instrument forever, so this is something that they can say they did at Hull Middle."

McClellan said they knew Hull had the largest orchestra in Gwinnett County, about 750 students, so they invited students from Peachtree Ridge to put them over the top for the record.

Seventh-grader Michelle Lee, who played the viola, said she's met a lot of new people during the buildup to the event during the school year. When Lee first heard about the idea, she said, 'Wow, that's pretty big."

"It was pretty awesome when we all played together," she said.