Lawrenceville trolleys back through May

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Originally started as a local stimulus plan to attract more visitors, the New Lawrenceville Trolley Tour has blossomed into a history lesson for anyone interested in the city's past.

"Now, we have made the trolley tours just about the history of Lawrenceville still promoting our sponsors, because without them we would not be able to provide this event," said Rodney Camren, a real estate agent who organizes the event. "Did you know there were seven soldiers buried on the Historic Courthouse grounds -- in one grave?"

And there are more stories like this along the ride, including who Lawrenceville was named after, dates for specific events and why Five Forks Trickum got its name.

"There are different buildings throughout the community that have hosted several grand events -- the courthouse and all the history about it and why it faces in the direction it faces," Camren said about Lawrenceville's history. "Plus, facts about our American flag and how Georgia plays a role in it. The streets are all named for very heroic and important people as well. So much to learn and great pride will be installed to Lawrenceville citizens when they hear (the history) and connect even more with this great community."

Riders begin their journey beside the fountain near La Cazuela at 179 W. Crogan St. From there, they will travel throughout the city, stopping at landmarks with a past.

"The trolley will highlight Rhodes Jordan Park, the Old Historic Cemetery, where most of the Lawrenceville founders were laid to rest, down through the Historic Train Depot," Camren said. "There are so many wonderful stories about the native Indians near Rhodes Jordan Park and the wonderful water aquifers under the city of Lawrenceville. The Train Depot has great stories as well about soldiers going off to war."

Other stops include Honest Alley, Lawrenceville's First Baptist Church, the Aurora Theatre and the old jail on Pike Street.

No matter what, Camren believes the participants will enjoy themselves while learning about their city.

"The public will have a great time with local historian Mary Long and (take) pride in a community that is strong in historical roots of almost 200 years," he said.

All tours start promptly at 1 p.m. on May 12, 20 and 26. Admission is free.

For more information, visit newlawrenceville.com.