Governments agree to funding for last bikeway segment

DULUTH -- Gwinnett and Duluth officials have reached an agreement to build the final leg of the Western Gwinnett Bikeway.

The city and county will split costs on the final 2.6 miles of the multi-purpose trail, which runs along Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, with each paying $325,000 to cover construction, inspection, materials, testing and local matching funds. The remainder of the $1.3 million construction cost will come from federal funds, a press release said, and Gwinnett's portion comes from sales tax proceeds.

"This bikeway will provide pedestrian and bicycle access to several neighborhoods, parks and shopping areas. Eventually the trail will connect the cities of Norcross, Berkeley Lake and Duluth, creating more recreational opportunities for residents as well as partnerships between municipalities," Commissioner Shirley Lasseter said in a press release praising the agreement.

The bikeway has been built in sections, with the final remaining leg scheduled to link cyclists and pedestrians to Rogers Bridge Park. Officials hope to eventually extend it across the historic but dilapidated Rogers Bridge into Fulton County, if government leaders in neighboring jurisdictions agree.

The final portion calls for several multi-use sections to be upgraded to match the 10-foot wide asphalt trail, and retaining walls are needed in some locations, the press release said.


kevin 2 years, 12 months ago

You mean to tell me we can't even build a bike trail without Federal funds? I wonder what strings were attached this time. Camie, you need to expand on your reports, They are always incomplete info. Why don't we wait until we pay for the whole project.? Is this really a high priority to this city and county when so many other things need improving? You people should be writing your BOC and Council asking the questions instead of taking everything on the chin. I wouldn't want to live in a place with so many care less people.


Mack711 2 years, 12 months ago

Duluth has been known for wasting taxpayer dollars, the most recent example is the 510K dog park and the traffic bottleneck that they call a 'Roundabout' that will cost a million plus. These funds could be used more wisely than wasting it on projects like this. it is all about special intrest groups. How many of the citizens of Duluth will use this? Most will be from outsied Duluth that did not pay a dime for this project but will enjoy it. Why not make it a toll lane and try to get some of these funds back.


jjbod1 2 years, 10 months ago

Love to hear they are expanding the bikeways. As both a avid cyclist and a "Gwinett Taxpayer" I am thrilled, and cant wait until this awesome project is complete. I am also looking forward to many more Greenways being built in our county. People need to get of there butts and away from TV's and start exercising more!


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