THE DISH: Myung Ga Won

On the menu

• Dolsot bibimbab — Rice mixed with vegetables and beef served in a hot stone pot, $11

• Wooguhji galbi tang — Beef rib soup with cabbage, $10

• L.A. galbi — Grilled beef short ribs, $17

• Bulnak jungol for two — Marinated ribeye and baby octopus simmered in a spicy broth, $30


Myung Ga Won

Myung Ga Won

Myung Ga Won

1960 Day Drive, Suite 100, Duluth



-- Open since: 2006

-- Owner: Jin Dong Lee

-- Location: Myung Ga Won is located near the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Venture Drive, behind the McDonald's.

-- Hours: The restaurant is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week

-- Atmosphere: From the outside, the restaurant has dark tinted windows and fliers on the glass, but the inside is a different story. It is bright, clean and inviting for all diners, plus there is an upstairs dining room when the load of eaters becomes too much for the first floor.

The decor is traditional Korean fare with masks, dolls, bamboo plants, a gong and ornate cups. Inside a glass case near the front door, there are Korean instruments -- flutes and horns -- along with other knickknacks that have traveled over to Duluth from Asia.

The rest of the restaurant is colored with oranges, browns, yellows, whites and reds in several patterns, stripes, lines and squares with wooden accents.

There two separate sections for seating: tables with grills and those without. If you want to eat the Korean barbecue, you need a grill because your server will cook your food for you at the table. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a plate of raw meat.

For those of you who have never eaten at a Korean restaurant, there is a button at each table -- don't be afraid to use it. When you need your server for anything, especially when it is a busy day, push the button and they will be at your table to assist you. If not, they may not come back to your table for a while to let you dine in peace.

-- Menu: The menu is traditional Korean cuisine specializing in Korean barbecue and noodles. On the menu, the dishes are written in both Korean and English with descriptions. If you have any questions, just ask your server. They are glad to help explain things for lost diners.

Most of the dishes sound pricey, but you are given a lot of food -- enough to feed two people. Plus, each plate receives a fair amount of sides ranging from homemade kimchi to a broccoli rabe salad to Korean-style potato salad with apples mixed in. There are also sides of acorn -- yes, like from a tree -- turned into a jelly with a similar texture as tofu, sauted greens, miso soup and rice.

Everything is made fresh in the back by chef Hyoung J. Bae and his team. Some plates take a little more time to prepare, but he makes everything to order for the freshest quality food.

-- Things you might not know: Chef Bae recently updated the menu to include more noodle dishes.