State wrestling tourney moving to Macon

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Macon will be the home for both high school wrestling state championships next season.

The traditional tournament is leaving the Arena at Gwinnett Center and will be at the Macon Centreplex on Feb. 14-16. Macon already hosts the dual state championship in January.

"We can't wait anymore, these (coaches) have to do their schedules," state tournament director Bud Hennebaul said.

The Gwinnett Arena has hosted all five classifications of the traditional state tournament the last seven seasons. The tournament is typically held the third weekend in February and the Arena was unable to confirm that date for wrestling. That left Hennebaul and the Georgia High School Association searching for a different venue the last two months.

Macon was willing to host the tourney once country music group Rascal Flatts agreed to push back its concert date at the Centreplex.

"It's heartbreaking to think the Arena is not going to work it out," Hennebaul said. "The guys in Macon came through."

The GHSA is expanding from five classifications to six next season, which could make things tight in Macon. The Macon Centreplex has a capacity of 9,252, while the Gwinnett Arena holds 11,355.

Hennebaul said the move to Macon isn't permanent and it's possible the tournament could return to Gwinnett in the future.

"I think it's just going to be one time," Henneabaul said. "It's going to be hard because of the six classes."