Gwinnett's Lose It! looking for new participants

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Spring has sprung, which means bikini season is right around the corner. Just in time for the warmer weather, Gwinnett's Lose It! weight loss program is searching for new participants ready to shed those extra winter pounds.

"I want to reach out to those who have tried everything else," trainer Sandi Porter said. "The people that are your everyday people -- homemakers and people that work all day. The ones that have already tried the extremes that don't work."

The 12-week weight loss program is a contest and participants compete for cash and prizes for the most pounds dropped. All contestants come together for a weekly weigh-in and meet three times during the session. Other than that, the program is individually motivated.

"I make individual programs for people when we start because some people can't really walk when they come and others jog daily," Porter said. "At the end of it all, we want people off the medications, and healthy BMIs and body fat percentages."

Porter started this program last January because she was once obese and dropped more than 70 pounds from her body with the help of a 12-week program and coach.

"I started training people one on one, but I wanted to reach more people, so I started Gwinnett's Lose It! and people love it," she said.

Before Porter has her participants exercising, she meets with them for a group emotional boot camp.

"I tell them to put your blinders on to stay focused," she said. "I also have them put their hand over their hearts and say, 'I have everything inside of me to make this change,' because they don't need crazy diets or pills to lose the weight."

Registration ends April 15. When 20 participants have signed up, the group will meet on April 23.

For more information, email Porter at sandi@startwiththeinside.com or call 404-925-2626.