THOMAS: Obama unleashed

Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas

Politicians and presidents of both parties have occasionally suffered from open-mic syndrome, saying something when they thought the microphone was turned off they wished had not been made public.

The latest to fall prey to that amplification of the mouth is President Obama. The president told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during their Monday meeting in Seoul, South Korea that once re-elected, he would have "more flexibility" to deal with missile defense. The president asked Medvedev to relay to incoming President Vladimir Putin his request for "patience" and "space."

The comments sent shivers down conservative spines. Conservatives believe the president is a not-so-closeted socialist. They recall his criticism of the Founding Fathers for putting too many restraints on presidential power in the Constitution, limiting a president's ability to unilaterally bring about change. Unconstrained by the need to run again, they fear a political version of "Girls Gone Wild" with the Constitution shredded and America transformed beyond recognition.

Dick Morris believes that an unleashed President Obama would cause even more damage to the country. The former adviser to Bill Clinton appeared on Fox's "Hannity" Monday night and delivered a Nostradamus-type prediction of what an Obama second term might look like.

"I believe that he'll proceed to a single-payer system on healthcare," said Morris. "I think Obamacare was just an intermediate step in his mind. If he's re-elected, particularly if there's a Democratic Congress, he will eliminate the private health insurance industry and all insurance will be from the government and it will all be according to one plan. Secondly, I think that he will completely reverse the initiatives of the Bush 43 administration in opening up vast new forms of oil drilling in the U.S. And will eliminate this incredible opportunity we have to dominate the global oil markets and put the terrorists out of business. But thirdly, I think that his big focus will be to make the United States a vassal state to a globalist entity."

With another president, this might sound like blather from the extreme right, but consider the new book by Van Jones, Obama's former "green energy czar" who was forced to resign for past extremist views and statements, including signing a 2004 petition from 911Truth.org, a group that claimed George W. Bush allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen. In "Rebuild the Dream," Jones claims President Obama could have done more to yank the country leftward had he not been "determined to be bipartisan at all costs."

What would "more" look like in an Obama second term? Again, Dick Morris thinks he sees the future: "The G-20 and the IMF will acquire sovereignty over our economy. I think that he will sign the International Criminal Treaty that would oblige the United States to get U.N. approval, which is to say, Russian and Chinese approval before going to war. I think he will sign the 'Rights of the Child' treaty, which would create a legal basis for suing to increase foreign aid to poor countries."

Morris was not finished: "I think that he'll sign the global ban on small arms, back-door arms control in the United States. I think he'll sign away royalties for offshore drilling by going along with the Law of the Sea Treaty. I think that he'll ban U.S. weapons in outer space, which will eliminate an anti-missile capability."

The most important thing the president will do, according to Morris: "He's going to transform America into two countries, a small number of people who pay taxes and a large number of people who don't work and are dependent upon the government to create a permanent leftist socialist base in the United States."

If that is not cause for alarm, even panic, what is? In the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. Given a second term and especially with a Democratic Congress, he will. Just give him some space.

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notblind 3 years, 5 months ago

To me his words seem to say "Once I am reelected I am going to do a lot of things that would keep me from being reelected if I had done them in my first term". In other words, he is going to do a lot of things that will make a whole lot of Americans extremely PO'ed at him.


FordGalaxy 3 years, 5 months ago

Reports are out that a majority of the country is angry with Obama over his lack of actions regarding gas prices, and his own administrations desire to see European level gas prices (read: $10/gallon). Congress has, over the last few years, been consistently around a 15% or worse approval rating. If given a lame-duck term, I shudder to think what Obama and a Democrat congress would do. It is evident that the current generation of Washington Democrat thinks in terms of globality. In 2004, John Kerry spoke of an International Test before going to war for any reason. Prior to hs election, Obama stated that under his policies, energy costs would necessarily skyrocket. The gas prices of Europe aren't terrible in Europe, where things are seemingly closer. But the US is a huge country. A lot of people commute several miles to work every day. You're not going to win the majority of Americans is you keep pushing for higher gas prices. Oh, and by the way, his administration has seen nearly $5 trillion added to the national debt in just three years. In 8 years, George W. Bush added about $4.75 trillion.


RiggaTony 3 years, 5 months ago

It blows my mind that a man who is not even a citizen was allowed to become our leader We brought this on ourselves by allowing certain elements of our society to vote.


FordGalaxy 3 years, 5 months ago

So who should not be allowed to vote? What is the determining factor on who can and cannot vote? That's a dangerous assertion, RiggaTony.


RiggaTony 3 years, 4 months ago

Our founding fathers established that voting was privilege not to be shared by everyone who can fog a mirror. They spelled out who should and should not be allowed to choose our leaders. In our infinite wisdom, we decided to include everyone, and now we have the liberal utopia that Marx dreamed of.


FordGalaxy 3 years, 4 months ago

The original voting population was white, land-owning males. Should we go back to that?


news2me 3 years, 5 months ago

I am starting to think that RiggaTony doesn't really believe anything "he" posts. Bets are "he" is a liberal posting as an extreme right-wing nutjob. I wouldn't put it past some of the left to pull such a stunt.

Now, regarding Morris' predictions .. he probably is not far off. No wonder Hillary Clinton is getting out from under Obama after this term (reign). Not a Clinton fan by any means, but she has probably doesn't want to be associated with the potential fall out of the full Obama trainwreck.


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