Suspect to cop: 'I should of ran you over'

LILBURN -- A Lilburn man is charged with attempting to run over a Gwinnett police officer with his truck during a traffic stop this week, and then taunting police while in custody, authorities said.

Police charged Bobby Miller, 51, with aggravated assault and fleeing police and cited him for failing to maintain a traffic lane in the Monday night ordeal.

The incident began about midnight when Gwinnett police Officer JM Sirko reportedly noticed a black 1987 GMC Sierra that Miller was driving swerving on Killian Hill Road near Lilburn.

Concerned the driver was intoxicated, the officer activated emergency lights and sirens but Miller continued driving slowly down the road, at one point chatting on his cell phone, according to a Gwinnett police report.

Miller pulled over on Rockbridge Road but reportedly threw the truck in reverse, attempting to ram the police cruiser before stopping at an angle on Wydella Road. The officer, fearing the driver had ran on foot, exited the cruiser.

"The truck then accelerated towards me," Sirko wrote in the report. "I had to jump out of the way to avoid ... being hit."

A chase ensued. Miller finally pulled into a driveway on Rockbridge Road and parked. He claimed his door wouldn't open and tried to crawl out the window. Sirko and a backup officer pulled him out and arrested him, the report states.

In custody, Miller reportedly told police he was swerving because he was talking to a pal on his cell phone. He didn't stop in fear he had an active warrant, the report states. Officers did not smell alcohol on Miller, and he refused a breath test.

During transport to jail, Miller told Sirko, "I should of ran you over (sic) ... Good luck getting the judge to believe you," the report states.

Miller remains without bond at the Gwinnett County Jail, where he's been booked 10 times since 1997, records show.