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County gives two-year contract to water resources director

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Commissioners filled three high-level management positions Tuesday, approving contracts with men who will head the three departments in charge of county infrastructure.

After years of searching, County Administrator Glenn Stephens named men to head the water resources and planning and development offices, as well as the transportation department.

Ron Seibenhener, the former president of consulting firm Jordan Jones and Goulding, will begin work April 16 as the head of the water resources department for a limited period of two years.

He joins Bryan Lackey of the planning and development office and Kim Conroy of the transportation department, who both served as acting directors for a time before being named as department heads last week. Employment contracts for all three were approved Tuesday, giving Seibenhener a salary of $135,000, Lackey one of $130,000 and Conroy a salary of $154,045.92.

Seibenhener, who served as the county's director of public utilities in the late 1980s and early 1990s, agreed to a short-term assignment, where he will conduct a review of the operations and help set a guide for service in the future. He will also play a role in finding a permanent replacement.

"Ron has a long history with Gwinnett County government, both on the inside and outside of the organization," Stephens said in a press release. "With his impressive professional credentials, I am looking forward to getting his take on where Gwinnett's Water Resources Department is, where it needs to go in this new economy and how to get there."

Lynn Smarr, who has served as acting director for several years, will return to her former position as assistant director, the release said.

"Lynn has served Gwinnett County Water Resources and its customers admirably over the years," Chairwoman Charlotte Nash said. "All of us at the county owe her a debt of gratitude for running the department not only during extremely challenging economic times, but also during a period of severe drought. It's a big job and she did it well."

On Tuesday, commissioners also heard from about a dozen people sounding off on a proposal to add commercial flights to the local airport.

Most were against the plan, citing property values, noise and quality of life issues, as well as reports of failures of regional airports. Others said not all of the facts were substantiated.


BufordGuy 2 years ago

Wow! Why does a guy making $135,000 a year NEED an assistant. I guess the economy is turning around.


JimmyOrr 2 years ago

Lynn Smarr is a longtime employee beginning with what was formerly known as Gwinnett County Department of Public Utilities and is now Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources. Lynn has served this county well during her tenure with Public Utilities and Water Resources. For the period of time she served as Acting Director the first words that always came out of her mouth when you called her on the telephone or sat down with her in a meeting was, "What can I do to help you?" In any management position your greatest asset is employees like Lynn Smarr. I know, as I have been there and done that. It was the Lynn Smarr's I had on my team which under girded my success as a manager. Just as Lynn did as Acting Director of GCDWR she will display the same level of dediction in serving Ron when he comes on board. I am in your corner, Lynn, win, lose, or draw.

James H. (Jimmy) Orr, Jr. Member - Gwinnett County Stormwater Authority


kevin 2 years ago

I wish the water department was more efficient when it comes to collecting bad debts. Has the uncollectible % dipped below 30% yet? Our water rates have risen faster than out electric/gas rates. Gwinnett isn't controlling its costs very well.


kevin 2 years ago

Conroy deserves every penny. He has replaced the guy that retired (Chapman) who did very little in his last 2 yrs of collecting a salary. Chapman didn't help any subdivision that had a road issue to solve.


Reason 2 years ago

Get your names right dude. For you know not of what you speak... Seems to be a trend.


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