Feds: Ga. illegal immigrant population 6th largest

ATLANTA (AP) -- A federal report shows Georgia had the sixth-largest number of illegal immigrants in the country in January 2011, months before lawmakers passed a tough law targeting illegal immigration.

The Department of Homeland Security report released Friday shows that about 440,000 illegal immigrants lived in Georgia. Only California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois had larger illegal immigrant populations.

DHS estimates that the total number of illegal immigrants in the country in January 2011 was 11.5 million, roughly the same as the year before.

Estimates from a year earlier, in January 2010, put the number of illegal immigrants in Georgia at 460,000. But DHS cautioned against comparing the January 2011 numbers with estimates from previous years because of changes in the method used to calculate the illegal immigrant population.


Sthrnldy 2 years ago

440,000 in Georgia? Then every one of them must camp out in Gwinnett. That is, if anyone is stupid enough to believe these numbers. 11.5 mil nationally is a load of democratic donkey poop as well.


Mack711 2 years ago

How can they come up with that number? Most Illegals do not answer cencus questions. There seems to be a lot more than that. Maybe they can tell by taking a look at the ones who apply for benefits that are being passed out. . Maybe the number is for the ones that have been caught and/or waiting deportation, or in our prisons for crimes that they have been found guity of. Bet there are more than that is being reported.


news2me 2 years ago

Since the federal government claims to have them all accounted for why can't they get them out of this country? Deportation can't be that hard if they can track them that easily.


Jen1981 2 years ago

Beacuse a lot of them pay taxes, pay rent, utilities, you liking it or not...they do generate $ more than legal aliens here, legal aliens can get unemployment, illegals can't...all you liking it or not...if they count the illegals and do nothing about it besides keep counting them, is because they are also counting the $ they generate, and again you liking it or not... :)


news2me 2 years ago

What are Legal aliens? LMAO! You must get your mythical figures from the same place the feds do. Illegal aliens take from our country far more than they will ever contribute. Next time you try and come of with some hysterical economic data on Illegals, please provide links to support your claim. No one is buying what you are selling ...you liking it or not :)


swtbabygirl37 2 years ago

They also take jobs from Americans and those here legally. They send most of thier $ back to Mexico or to where ever they call "home". They cost us the tax payers millions in health care cost etc. liking it or not


R 2 years ago

In what respect do ILLEGALS generate more revenue $ than legal aliens? Are you including the “ID black market” in your numbers?


jjbod1 2 years ago

Amen to that, very good point.


Jen1981 2 years ago

Well, that is just like I said, You liking it or not, the are not doing anything about it and won't...The goverment count their $, if they let them become legal they will get an amount of money once, with them staying illegal they will keep getting their tax money w no refunds for ther american children and also paying traffic fines or bonds...go to a recorders court one day and make numbers yourself on how much money they are making for one day on people that don't have DL..They are even making more that citizens that just decide to go to jail instead of paying...lol...keep getting mad, at me, at the goverment and that will change nothing...Illegals are gonna keep comming here...


Daculan 2 years ago

No kidding - that entire population figure must surely live in Gwinnett County. Walk into any Dr. or Dentist office that takes Peach care and you'll do a much more accurate count. Anywhere free services are being handed out you could do a more accurate count. Heck, our schools where we provide all the ESOL teachers you could ever want, but no remedial help for legal students. Our Country has become just upside down and backwards lately.


kevin 2 years ago

Sort of expains why Ga. is broke.


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