South Gwinnett wins for literary magazine

SNELLVILLE -- South Gwinnett High School's literary magazine, "Myriad," recently garnered top honors from several national associations honoring the publication.

Myriad 2011-Platinum Edition won awards from the American Scholastic Press Association and the National Council for Teachers of English.

The high school magazine has achieved top honors for many years running.

"I'm extremely proud that this past year's staff was able to excel and also carry on South Gwinnett High's tradition," said adviser Keren Giles.

"They worked so hard, and it's wonderful for them to know others enjoy and applaud their efforts," Giles said. "The magazine is a collective effort and represents the best of South Gwinnett's artists, designers and writers."

Myriad started 20 years ago as a thin, hand-mimeographed, hand-stapled publication that has blossomed over the years into a full-color, glossy magazine.

Each year, the staff reviews SGHS student submissions that represent a wide range of talents including photography, creative writing, essay writing and music scores.

The student staff edits and designs the magazines following guidelines set by themselves and the ASPA and NCTE.

The 2011 winning student staff of Myriad 2011-Platinum Edition includes Editor-in-Chief, Julia Zwicky; senior proof and copy editors, Marqueisha Pless, Madison Craytor and Abbie Skeines; prose editor, Alicia Avitable and her staff, Katelyn Crook, Jasmin Lindsay and Elissia Olinger; art and photographer editor, Chynna Downie and her staff, Raven White and Ian Walls; publicity director, Henry Moore and his team, Jacob Fox, Nick Gatling and Dana Watkins; poetry editor, Megan Rosenberger and her team, Nehara Bryan, Jamiscia McBride and Diandra Galdos; and finance director, Rachel Harrison.