Verizon Wireless invests $198M in Ga.

ALPHARETTA (AP) --Georgians today can now make wireless calls, send text messages and surf the Web more than ever before - and at faster speeds - in the Peach State, thanks to Verizon Wireless and the significant investments the company made in 2011. Over the course of the year, new cell towers and/or other network enhancements worth more than $198 million were activated in over 460 cities and towns across Georgia, including 25 new cell sites in 22 cities. Residents throughout metro Atlanta, Savannah and Augusta now have access to the company's 4G LTE network for super-fast connectivity. In these areas, customers with 4G LTE devices can now take advantage of the nation's fastest 4G network with speeds up to 10 times faster than Verizon Wireless' 3G network.

In addition to rolling out 4G LTE technology across the state, the company's 2011 network investment also included expanded network coverage and additional capacity enhancements to stay ahead of growing demand on its voice and data networks.

Today, 97 percent of the state's population is covered by Verizon Wireless' 3G network and over 55 percent of Georgians are covered by its 4G LTE network, ensuring customers have the capacity needed for their growing data needs and the coverage to stay connected wherever they go statewide. The company's ongoing network investment in Georgia now totals over $2 billion since the company was formed in 2000.

"The team here in Georgia has worked extremely hard over this past year to ensure that Georgians have the best wireless options available to them across the state and can connect wherever and whenever they need. As the use of smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices continue to grow and the speed and connectivity provided by our 4G LTE network revolutionizes the way we communicate, we are well prepared for network capacity growth needs in 2012 and beyond. We want our customers to know that they can rely on the Verizon Wireless network," said Jonathan LeCompte, president - Georgia/Alabama Region, Verizon Wireless.