Welfare recipients could face drug tests in Ga.

ATLANTA (AP) -- People seeking welfare benefits in Georgia would face drug tests before getting cash under separate bills backed by House and Senate lawmakers.

The House of Representatives voted 114-59 on Wednesday to require that people seeking welfare payments pass a drug test. The Senate approved similar legislation by a vote of 35-18. If money allows, the law would require that welfare recipients pass a randomly scheduled drug test at least once every two years.

Those who fail a first test could reapply. But additional drug tests could make them ineligible for benefits.

Supporters say such legislation could encourage people to stop using drugs and would protect a taxpayer benefit. Critics condemned the proposal as unnecessary legislation that unfairly criminalizes poor people.


RiggaTony 3 years ago

This is a fantastic idea. In fact, we need to roll this out to the general population. I think if you're going to be using any kind of public resource - roads, parks, government buildings, you need to prove that you are not doing so while high on drugs or alcohol. This would be the best way to finally win the war on drugs. Besides, since drugs are often the cause of people requiring welfare, we would be able to prevent people from becoming druggies in the first place.


Mack711 3 years ago

We all should look at it this way. Now a days we must provide a drug test in order to be hired and keep a job at almost any workplace. Why should the ones who recieve public assistance be any different. Great law and may save the State some Money. However you can hear it now that the ones who will be hurt are the children. Well take them into State Custody until the caretaker cleans up their act. No drug test no public assistance.


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