Murder suspect arrested at Duluth school

DULUTH -- Police arrested a murder suspect trying to pick up his son at a Duluth school hours after he allegedly gunned down two women in DeKalb County, including the boy's mother, police said Thursday.

Tipped off by DeKalb authorities, Duluth police and school resource officers found Jason Emanuel Bryant parked in a Chevrolet Tracker in a back parking lot of the Monarch School, an all-ages school on Main Street for students with special needs.

A relative had warned police that Bryant carries a handgun. With three guns drawn on him about 2:30 p.m., Bryant put his hands out the vehicle window and told officers he was there to pick up his son. He was arrested unarmed, according to a Duluth police report.

Three hours beforehand, DeKalb police said the 26-year-old Bryant shot two women at the Wind Chase condominiums near Stone Mountain, killing his ex-wife, Angelina Bryant, 23, the boy's mother. A second woman, Trina Nwoke, 20, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Before she was transported, Nwoke gave a description of the shooter, police said.

The Monarch School was locked down for a brief period just before dismissal, and some parents witnessed Bryant's arrest, school officials said.

"All students were safe inside their classrooms," principal Dr. Barbara Martin wrote in a letter to parents. "After the arrest, police gave the school the 'all clear' and reassured us it was safe to dismiss classes for the day."