Ga. Senate tables school voucher expansion bill

ATLANTA (AP) -- A bill revived from last session that would expand Georgia's school voucher program to include military families and foster care children has been tabled by GOP lawmakers in the waning hours of Crossover Day.

Senate Bill 87 would use taxpayer money to give students the option of attending the school of their choice, including private schools. GOP leaders have tried for years to expand the voucher program with little success. Opponents say vouchers take funding away from cash-starved public school districts.

The bill needed to pass Wednesday, known as Crossover Day, for it to remain alive. Legislation must pass at least one chamber of the Legislature by the 30th day of the session.



S.B. 87: http://www.legis.ga.gov


BuzzG 3 years, 7 months ago

Too bad. It would have given some an opportunity to escape the prison known as Gwinnett School System. Now if you want to give your kids a good education you need to pay double for it or to home school your kids, something not many can do. The government monopoly school system we have in the USA is mediocre at best. We trail much of the world in quality of education and we do so because teachers unions don't want competition.


Jan 3 years, 7 months ago

BuzzG, it is hard to take you seriously. Your only explanation is teachers unions which several have explained previously. Let me clarify two points. First, their are no teacher unions in Gwinnett County, nor any in Georgia. Second, the average student performance in states with teachers unions is significantly better than those states that, like Georgia, do not allow teachers to unionize. The biggest problem with public schools is lack of funding. The second biggest is lack of respect from people that do not want to support education and constantly deride the system. Motivating the student to learn is the primary job of a good teacher, but too many students hear all the negative criticism and get turned off from learning. Parents, show interest in your child's education and communicate with teachers. Your involvement will improve your child's education.


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