Rock band Shinedown hosts private show at 37 Main

BUFORD -- Florida rock group, Shinedown is performing a private show Saturday at 37 Main, but not everyone will be allowed in the doors.

To win tickets, fans must listen to the radio station Project 9-6-1 and wait until the station is looking for callers. Project 9-6-1 is giving away tickets today until the day of the event.

Shinedown is known for their No. 1 hits, "Save Me" and "Devour" as well as other songs like, "Burning Bright," "I Dare You" and its cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd classic tune "Simple Man."

The band's next album, "Amaryllis" is planned to release March 27.

37 Main is located at 37 E. Main St. in Buford. For more information about the venue, visit www.37main.com.