Man critical in overnight CVS shooting

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A man remained in critical condition Monday after he'd been shot in the head in the parking lot of a Lawrenceville CVS, police said.

The shooting happened about 10 p.m. Sunday at the 1187 Grayson Highway pharmacy. The victim, who police have not identified, was shot once in the left side of his head, said Gwinnett police spokesman Detective J.R. Flanagan.

The victim's age and city were not released early Monday. Flanagan said the victim's girlfriend reported the shooting, and that the victim was conscious when officers arrived. He was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition Monday.

No arrests have been made, but Flanagan said detectives are actively pursuing leads.

"We don't know yet what preceded the shooting," he said.


kevin 3 years, 7 months ago

It has been repeated lately over and over. Gwinnett qouality of life is going downhill, not matter how many times the BOC hide the issue by lying. It is not going to stop either because of the relocation of rif-raf from the south and north.


dentaldawg83 3 years, 7 months ago

When I first moved to Gwinnett a young lady was brutally attacked and killed at the instersection of Old Norcross and Pike Street at some auto garage. This was 1986, I think. Crime has always been here to a lesser extent. I just wish the local constabularies would concentrate on this instead of checkpointing and speed trapping nonviolent citizens.


elltchr 3 years, 7 months ago

It happened in May of 1989...a few days before Mother's Day! That young lady's name was Cindy Johnson, 32 years old and a mother of two. She was my neighbor and friend. I still miss her almost 23 years later.


LoganvilleResident 3 years, 7 months ago

2011 Gwinnett Homicides - 29 INCLUDING justified police killings

2011 Gwinnett Traffic Fatalities - 65

With that out of the way, tell me why we should reduce traffic enforcement. This should be interesting.


LoganvilleResident 3 years, 7 months ago

I hate that there doesn't appear to be anyone that wants to debate the merits of traffic enforcement when confronted with real statistics. However, I wanted to go one step further. These numbers are from 2010 statistics since 2011 are not fully compiled yet:

2010 Gwinnett Homicides: 28 or roughly 1 every 2 weeks 2010 Gwinnett Robberies: 872 or roughly 16 per week 2010 Gwinnett Burglaries: 6,149 or roughly 118 per week or 16 per day 2010 Gwinnett Thefts: 13,450 or roughly 258 per week or 36 per day 2010 Gwinnett Traffic Fatalities: 50+ or roughly 1 every week 2010 Gwinnett Traffic Injuries: 10,000+ or roughly 27 PER DAY and 1+ PER HOUR. 2010 Gwinnett Traffic Crashes: 23,000+ or roughly 63 PER DAY and 3 PER HOUR

Even if you assume an average cost of $5,000 per accident which is low according to most estimates, that is a cost of $315,000 PER DAY or $114,975,000 PER YEAR in Gwinnett County alone.

As you can see, the loss of life and loss of property to motor vehicle crashes is BY FAR the most serious thing occuring in Gwinnett. The most serious crime problem in Gwinnett and it is roughly HALF the rate of the devastation caused my motor vehicle issues. Think about it next time you say, "I wish the cops would go find a real criminal."


LoganvilleResident 3 years, 7 months ago

Last paragraph should be, "Theft is the most serious crime problem in Gwinnett..."


jeepintodd 3 years, 7 months ago

Your statistics still do not prove that speed detection is nothing more than a revenue generator. Just because someone is speeding does not make them more prone to causing an accident. A lot of roads in gwinnett county have speed limits that are set well below the normal flow of traffic and are deffinatly well below what they should be on a sunday morning when there is no traffic. There are far more factors that affect traffic rates than just speeding like your implying with your post. Weather conditions like icy roads, teenage drivers with no experience, texting, eating, reading a book while driving ect. All of these can cause accidents without the person speeding so why are the cops not out ticketing these people? Why are the cops not out catching people running red lights in the numbers that they are out catching speeders?


LoganvilleResident 3 years, 7 months ago

I won't deny that traffic citations and speeding citations generate revenue. However, to say they are SOLELY a revenue generation tool is naieve at best and dishonest at worst. IF the police were prohibited from enforcing speed laws/traffic laws and the public had full knowledge of it, the roads would be a much more dangerous place.

I know what the next argument is going to be... "But the police were prohibited from running speed detection"... This does not equate to the fact that they were not enforcing traffic and or speeding laws. They merely were not running laser or radar.

Traffic enforcement does generate revenue. However, it also makes the road a safer place and reduces injuries and fatalities.

You also make an assumption that the majority of tickets written are for speeding. Please tell me where this comes from because I don't think it's the case... but I can't say that for sure.


notblind 3 years, 7 months ago

Traffic accidents are inevitable. Crime doesn't have to be.


Veryconcernedcitizen 3 years, 7 months ago

I think if you dig deeper in those homicide stats you will find that many of the homicides could not be prevented. Many are domestic related and the only way to stop them is to have a Cop sitting in the peoples kitchen. I disagree NOTBLIND, crime is inevitable. No matter how good the Cops are many people put themselves in a position to be a victim. People deal drugs and get killed (occupational hazard). People leave their car door unlocked in the driveway with valuables sitting out in view. People have house alarms, don't use them, then wonder why they get robbed when they are not home. I could go on but you get the point. Police are already put in a position to fail by the citizens. Traffic accidents are crimes. Police are paid to stop speeders, reckless drivers, and drunk drivers just the same as they are paid to catch burglars and thieves. And to be honest this case sounds like a drug deal gone bad. People don't get shot in CVS parking lots for no reason.


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