Sunday sales on ballots in Gwinnett, Buford

BUFORD -- Months ago, Gwinnett shoppers began to figure out where to shop on Sunday if they wanted to add a six-pack to their grocery cart.

While voters in nearly every city in the county approved the new law last November, Gwinnett officials did not place the measure on ballots.

That has sent wine and beer drinkers inside city limits to buy their wares on Sundays.

The vote for Gwinnett is countywide -- whether a person lives inside a city or not -- although people who live in the city of Buford also have the opportunity to vote at City Hall Tuesday. The matter is nonpartisan, so people can vote whether they choose the Republican or Democratic ballot, or they can choose a nonpartisan ballot.

If the county's referendum passes, it will become effective June 1. Commissioners will have to set new rates for alcohol licenses selling seven days a week.

"I'm not going to speculate on what commissioners have in mind," county spokesman Joe Sorenson said about the amount of revenue that the could add to the county coffers. He noted, though, that local cities have not seen a drastic increase. "Assuming it does get equalized (among jurisdictions), it'll be interesting to see if people buy more beer and wine or if it just gets spread out (over the week)."

In November, jurisdictions across the state approved Sunday sales measures. All 13 referenda in Gwinnett cities passed by large margins.


kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

it is a shame that big Gwinnett had to be the last of them all to allow us to vote on this issue. Amen, finally at last, we will be able to live free!! I hope it passes once and for all. Even backward Duluth has it.


Mack711 3 years, 1 month ago

Beware that the BOC is trying to pull another 'fast one' on the voters. This did not appear on-the ballot in the last election because the E-SPLOST would not have passed if the alchol vote was on the ballot. They knew that if we voted on alchol there would be a large turnout for that, but not for E-SPLOST. Now the T- SPLOST will be in July and no one will show up for that except the ones that want it passed. Be aware of the bait and switch.They know if it were included in tomorrows vote T-SPLOST would not pass.


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