Tourism plays big role in Gwinnett economy, report says

DULUTH -- The numbers are in: Tourism accounts for 10,000 jobs and nearly $1 billion in spending in Gwinnett.

Officials with the Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau released a report on the economic significance of tourism on the local economy.

The report, which includes analysis by University of Tennessee economist Dr. Steve Morse, said the industry generated $905.42 million on direct tourist spending each year and represented 4.2 percent of the county's economy.

With 10,620 jobs, the industry accounted for $217.64 million in worker income and paychecks, created $26.51 million in county tax revenues and created $34.73 million in state tax revenue.

Without tourism, Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lisa Anders said, each resident's tax burden would have to go up by $201 to make up the revenue.

"The hospitality community can get overlooked in the metro area, as our visitors are not always as obvious as tourists in other cities," Anders said, adding that tourism is the No. 2 in Georgia and Atlanta.

In Gwinnett, the visitors range from business travelers to people visiting friends and family or attending sporting event attendees, meetings, conventions and family reunions.

In 2011, hospitality revenues increased by 10 percent.

"Tourism is truly becoming a significant industry for Gwinnett County, and with our mix of facilities, great downtowns, strong hotel community and increasing nightlife, we are looking forward to a strong 2012," Anders said.

Some of the biggest draws for the county include the Gwinnett Center and Arena, where attendance peaked over 800,000 last year. Some of the top events included the faith-based Catalyst/Giant Impact, the Orange Conference and Free Chapel. The report also noted the fast-growing sports market, which includes events like the 2012 NCAA and SEC Gymnastics Championship at the Arena, as well as events at Suwanee Sports Academy, Gary Pirkle Park, the IceForum, the Snellville Dual Deck Arena and the new Long Forum at Greater Atlanta Christian School.


Mack711 3 years, 7 months ago

Build the proposed casino and see tourism increase drastically.


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