More than 140,000 ballots cast in Ga. primary

ATLANTA (AP) -- More than 140,000 Georgia residents have cast early ballots ahead of the state's Republican presidential primary on Super Tuesday.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp's office reports that 116,800 people had walked into polling stations by the close of business Thursday to vote in advance. In-person early voting ends Friday.

In addition, 24,246 people have mailed in absentee ballots. There are still 11,994 residents who requested absentee ballots that have not yet been received by local election officials.

Early and absentee votes will not be counted until Tuesday. As a result, it is unknown which candidate has a lead among early voters.


RiggaTony 3 years, 7 months ago

I wonder how many of those ballots were cast by Democrats. I guess we'll be able to tell by the outcome. If anyone other than Rick Santorum wins, it will be obvious that the social liberals are trying to sink the only candidate with the moral integrity it will take to win this election.

I have a good feeling that this will be the year we win the country back. If Santorum can get the nomination, it should be relatively easy to take the general election. And once we get this country back on correct moral ground - abolition of abortion and birth control, federal oversight in who gets married, and mandated Christian prayer in schools - everything else (economy, debt, et al) will easily fall into place.


tc297 3 years, 7 months ago

Newt has lost all creditability with the majority of Republican voters. He and his "friends" want to blame everyone else for his problems. He claims he didn't do well in a couple of the debates because the audience wasn't allowed to cheer and because Romney packed the audience with his supporters. Might his fall in the polls be due to the lies that come out of his mouth? Newt's ex wife says he was not deposed in their divorce proceedings. This after he was quoted in an interview in FL saying he didn't lie about his affairs in his deposition. Newt told everyone that he offered friends to be interviewed by ABC to refute his wife's story. By his own admission he didn't tell the truth about this. He has also told Americans a lot of misinformation about capitalism and the free market causing damage to the Republican Party. He was forced to remove two ads that contained untruths about his opponent Mitt Romney. His stand on illegal immigration? Did he tell us his older daughter is running his FL campaign prior to trotting her out to defend him against his ex wife's allegations? What about accusing Paul Ryan’s budget of right wing social engineering? Maybe it is because people are discovering he is a true establishment, Washington insider. Maybe because he supported Rockefeller? Because he is being investigated by the FEC for his campaign financial dealings? How about the “Holocaust Survivors” robocalls? Claiming Romney is hostile to religion? The list could go on and on. We already have someone in the white house who refuses to take responsibility and blames someone else for our country's problems. Do we really want to elect a candidate who will be more of the same? Before Newt accuses others of being dishonest he should clean up his own act.


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