Lawrenceville defense attorney arrested in court on felony charges

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A prominent Lawrenceville attorney known for a blustery courtroom presence and representing high-profile clients was arrested in court this week on felony contempt charges.

Jeff Sliz, 61, was taken into custody Tuesday in Gwinnett Juvenile Court Judge Robert Rodatus' courtroom. Charged with contempt of court, Sliz was released on his own recognizance the same day.

According to a Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department incident report, the judge ordered a deputy to take Sliz into custody after finding him "in direct contempt." Sliz was arrested without incident, the report states.

The exact circumstances leading to Sliz's arrest weren't clear Friday.

Calls for comment left for Sliz and the judge were not returned. A representative at Rodatus's office said she wasn't authorized to speak on the matter.

Sliz has been a State Bar of Georgia member since 1975, where he's listed in good standing with no disciplinary record.

Sliz has worked some of Gwinnett's most blockbuster criminal cases in recent years.

In 2010, Sliz clashed with Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter during the weeklong trial of former Duluth police Officer Jay Dailey, who was convicted of shooting a Fulton County officer and attacking motorists during a roadside rampage.

That same year, Sliz represented Gainesville resident Cody Rhoden. He pleaded guilty to causing a wreck that killed four family members on Interstate 85 and is serving 40 years in prison. Sliz also earned an acquittal for Laurie Alexander, who'd been charged with knifing her husband to death in their Dacula kitchen.


psychientology 3 years, 2 months ago

Anyone know what he did to get his contempt charge. He's a great attorney. Just wondering. Thanks.


gwinnettresident1 3 years, 2 months ago

Maybe Sliz can exchange some material items to Mick Anderson (his golfing buddy) (dont know how many times Sliz and Anderson got cases continued (at the cost of the client) because they were golfing.....Funny what takes prescients over you case. Maybe Sliz can trade something for Mick to be his defense attorney....Sliz will walk you know it...The courts dont have the guts to do whats right. This will be another OJ trial...I would like to be there but i know there wont be a trial. The charges the best i know them were (criminal indirect contempt of court) “Indirect contempt of court” occurs outside the immediate presence of the court and involves the violation of a court order. It may be either civil, or criminal.

A charge of "Criminal Indirect Contempt of Court" is a criminal charge. Defendants charged in this manner are afforded all the usual privileges of other criminal defendants, like the right to a trial by jury, to examine, and to call, witnesses, and to testify on one's own behalf.


zoid69 3 years, 2 months ago

We all make mistakes, especially when we are driven to win. I have had Mr Sliz as my family lawyer for 14 years. While along the way he has made some mistakes that could have been avoided. He has always stood behind them and made them right. Even if it meant money coming out of his pocket to correct it. His primary concern is his client and making sure his client is treated fairly by the courts. It is sad that Lawyers play the games they do but it is the courts and opposing lawyers that drive this.

If Mr Sliz had an issue with this women, from the years that i have known him I would feel safe to say. She deserved whatever he dished out. The article doesnt mention if this women said or did something to upset Mr Sliz. Considering that he was representing her x-husband i am sure that she is full of hate toward him for representing her husband and does not know the man.

Mr. Sliz is a god fearing law abiding southern gentlemen. So he breathes fire from time to time but there are plenty out there that need fired up!


gwinnettresident1 3 years, 1 month ago

To Zoid Sliz is an court room bully... What do you think he wins. No client his or someone else's client deserves to be Bullied by Sliz. Dont even worry your boy will walk....


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