Lawrenceville corridor study survey available online

LAWRENCEVILLE -- After its first public meeting held on Feb. 23, the Georgia Gwinnett College-Downtown Lawrenceville Corridor Study created an online survey for residents and those affected by the roads to complete.

The responses to the survey questions will help identity problems and solutions in the area.

After the study is completed in the summer, organizers want to build a corridor along Collins Hill and Northdale roads for a shorter travel time from GGC and downtown Lawrenceville.

According to the Corridor Study's website, the study will "lay the groundwork for corridor-specific development regulations and public investments, leverage regional transportation funding, achieve Livable Centers Initiative status from the Atlanta Regional Commission, engage community members in planning for the area via an inclusive outreach process and better define the type of redevelopment desired for the area."

For more information the study or to complete the survey, visit www.ggc-law-corridorstudy.com.

The next meeting for the regarding the corridor is an interactive community workshop scheduled for March 22 to collect ideas from community members.


Midclass 2 years, 11 months ago

First, I would like to remind everyone that it was President Bush (Republican) who cut our taxes and Obama (Democrate) extended the Bush tax cuts. For how long? I would guess just until after the election. Second, Where exactly is there enough room for a University to fit in downtown Lawrenceville? For as much money as the University is pumping into our economy, do you not agree that we should help them with the infastructure so that they can continue to improve our economy and create more jobs for the area?


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