Gwinnett, Buford exceed state averages on CRCT

SUWANEE — Gwinnett students again outperformed state averages this year in all content areas at all grade levels on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests.

The Georgia Department of Education released data Thursday that showed students in Gwinnett County Public Schools and Buford City Schools bested 2012 state averages as well as improving on most of their own 2011 scores.

A spokesperson with the school district on Thursday said that staff members are currently reviewing the 2012 numbers to determine student achievement levels.

According to test results from the Georgia Department of Education, a higher percentage of GCPS students in 2012 met or exceeded subject areas in most categories, with the exception of fifth-grade math and fourth-grade science, the scores of which were less than one percentage point different than the previous year.

The Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests evaluate students from third through eighth grade. The annual tests measure a student’s competency in math, reading, English/language arts, science and social studies.

“As we look at the system scores, we’re focusing on how many students met or exceeded,” said district spokeswoman Sloan Roach. “That’s a priority for us. We want to make sure those numbers keep moving up. As a system, we’ve long focused on moving more and more students toward that ‘exceeds’ standard.”

The Georgia Department of Education plans to release school-by-school results in mid-July.

Here are the Gwinnett County Public Schools results:

Grade 3: Met or exceeded the standard

Reading: 93.9 percent

English/Language Arts: 94.4 percent

Math: 87.7 percent

Science: 86.2 percent

Social Studies: 88.7 percent

Grade 4: Met or exceeded the standard

Reading: 95.4 percent

English/Language Arts: 96.6 percent

Math: 89.7 percent

Science: 90.9 percent

Social Studies: 90.9 percent

Grade 5: Met or exceeded the standard

Reading: 95.8 percent

English/Language Arts: 97.6 percent

Math: 91.7 percent

Science: 87.5 percent

Social Studies: 86.6 percent

Grade 6: Met or exceeded the standard

Reading: 97.2 percent

English/Language Arts: 94.9 percent

Math: 87.3 percent

Science: 84.1 percent

Social Studies: 83.9 percent

Grade 7: Met or exceeded the standard

Reading: 97.1 percentEnglish/Language Arts: 97.2 percent

Math: 96.4 percent

Science: 93.7 percent

Social Studies: 92 percent

Grade 8: Met or exceeded the standard

Reading: 97.7 percent

English/Language Arts: 97.3 percent

Math: 85.4 percent

Science: 84.8 percent

Social Studies: 86.3 percent

To view a complete list of the results by district, Click Here.


CD 3 years, 3 months ago

Pathetic scores on math/science. Nothing that another mill or two tacked on won't fix, I'm sure.


NewsReader 3 years, 3 months ago

Looks like the 7th graders were the smartest ones in the bunch.


ssilover1 3 years, 3 months ago

/congrats everyone! Math and sci are to be expected...always room to grow...but always good. GCPS, be proud!


Ashley 3 years, 3 months ago

Pathetic. Remember when Gwinnett scores were the best or near to it? Remember this when we go to the polls in November.


WantingFacts 3 years, 3 months ago

Do you think that it helped to improve CRCT scores because Gwinnett County Public Schools took education funds and paid for the salaries of Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce employees? GCPS been doing this for years. I wonder how teachers feel about this when they take forced furlough days and get paid less than Gwinnett Chamber employees?


CitizenY 3 years, 3 months ago

Y is it, again, please, that we're supposed to be impressed favorably by allegedly favorable CRCT scores? I forget.


BuzzG 3 years, 3 months ago

Now how about providing some real data. Like which schools failed and what is Gwinnett's plan for improvement?


GwinnettFan 3 years, 3 months ago

So proud of Gwinnett educators! You do an amazing job in helping a student population that has so many needs, more than the average citizen realizes. Thank you for never giving up on the students. Ignore the negative people. Most of us out here know what you are up against with budgets etc. (we are up against it too), and we are truly in awe.


NewsReader 3 years, 3 months ago

So many needs? You mean the affluent community that doesn't have to worry about the next meal because they have reservations somewhere, all the while, they are on free or reduced lunch in our school? Which one of the 54% category of free or reduced lunch do you fit in? Or is it those who use their WIC card at Costco and load up a pallet of crap in their Escalade with the Bleem Bleems? You have to remember that the CRCT is the "minimum" How proud is it that this is the level that meets the minimum? The test is a joke anyway. Who cares what date Johnny can remember for the CRCT when he cannot distinguish the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow? Anything less than a 90% passing rate on such a ridiculously easy test is representative of why we are 25th in education in the industrialized world. But make no mistake, we're all proud of Johnny for taking the CRCT and feeling good about himself. Stupid in America! Carry on GwinnettFan!


Sandykin 3 years, 3 months ago

When I think of just how many students in the Gwinnett system speak English as a second language and/or come from homes where English is not spoken, I think these score are notable. Teachers have a lot more than just economics to battle in the classroom. There are to be commended for achieving these percentages.


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