LETTERS: Tightening the border is just one solution to illegal immigration

Torin Togut's claim in a recent letter that Republicans have no real solution to illegal immigration is just more of his partisan liberal rhetoric. Togut tellingly failed to enlighten us with his own solution.

Had past "Dream Act" amnesty proposals been limited to innocent children then passage would have been assured long ago. Overreaching efforts to include parents and siblings, whether in the U.S. or not, doomed these flawed proposals. In their effort to pander to the illegal immigrant lobby, liberals squandered the wide public support they once had. Flawed Dream proposals contained myriad loopholes and waivers of even minimal requirements.

All any illegal alien had to do to obtain immediate legal status under most Dream Act proposals was to simply claim that they met the criterion and all negative actions against them, including deportation for criminal acts, would be automatically suspended, likely for years. Past experience has shown that any illegal alien worth his salt can provide fake documentation attesting to virtually anything (think fake birth certificates and proof of past residency, etc). The American people have been fed pap about these "poor children" and do not know what is really in the Dream legislation. Truly deserving illegal alien children are being used as a vehicle to obtain amnesty for others.

Most of us do believe in giving relief to the true adversely affected child but long experience with past and present defective administrations, greedy employers of illegals, misinformed clergy and do-gooders, a rich lobby of immigration lawyers and all too many ill-informed groups who haven't a clue what they are talking about, has taught us that unless our existing immigration laws are first enforced then we will be facing the same problem, well, forever.

My solution is to tighten the border (not a cure-all), but mainly we must require internal employment enforcement (E-Verify) and restrict social benefits to citizens and legal residents. Agricultural interests who prove a need could obtain workers through a easily obtainable Ag-visa which would allow temporary seasonal workers, but no family members, and the employer would be responsible for medical care and other social costs.

And, forbidding states to also address illegal immigration, in the absence of Federal enforcement, should be addressed as an illegal action by the Federal government.

-- Gene Wade



kevin 3 years, 2 months ago

Great story. I might add one thing. Force the farmers to pay at least minimum wages and provide on-site housing for workers. You might just get more "legal" citizens to take those jobs.


R 3 years, 2 months ago

Those who ACTUALLY use H2A do just that, and often a little more as reflected by the original author.


Jan 3 years, 2 months ago

Check you facts! The farmers are required to pay minimum wage and most add incentives for pickers to work faster. The article http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/news... clearly explains that some experienced pickers will get 2 to 3 times minimum wage. The article also shows that the work is "too hot and too hard" for many. Picking sounds easy but doing it for 8 hours is not. The article also explains that most pickers in Georgia are legal but legals do not want jobs where they can expect to be harassed because of their nationality.


Stu 3 years, 1 month ago

Maybe we should have deported our county commissioners instead of hardworking immigrants. Based on recent revelations, our county leadership appears to have the skills to flourish in the climate of corruption and drug trafficking in Mexico -- the very conditions that immigrants from that country are fleeing.

One crucial first step is to bar the private prison industry from running detention centers and from lobbying and giving campaign contributions to state legislators. The industry is a walking conflict of interest, and is corrupting the making of immigration policy in Georgia and other states.

Finally, even Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, who is hardly known as a liberal do-gooder, just joined a majority of the Supreme Court in ruling that enforcing immigration laws is primarily a federal function, not a state one.

The bottom line is that powerful economic interests benefit from getting cheap labor from undocumented immigrants who are expendable and have no legal protections from exploitation. As usual, our politicians' response is to blame and punish the victims. After all, going after the true culprits would actually require some gumption and thought -- commodities which are in short supply in the Georgia Capitol and the U.S. Congress.

Economic growth and cultural dynamism in this country have always been driven by immigrants, including in many cases undocumented immigrants. The derogatory term "wops," which was applied to Italian immigrants, stood for "without papers." In today's globalized economy, this is truer than ever. We can't expect to force other countries' borders open to our investments and exports while sealing our borders off from the rest of the world.

As for folks who get offended overhearing a few words of Spanish -- relax! It's a beautiful language, and easy to learn. I used to live on the border, and greatly enjoyed hearing people switch back and forth from English and Spanish in the same sentence without even being aware of it. And the people who lived there were some of the most patriotic people I've ever known, with high rates of military service. I'd rather listen to Spanish conversation than English hate-speech any day.


R 3 years, 1 month ago

English is a wonderful language used all over the world for business...

But those WOPS you refer to CAME in though Ellis Island (Front Door)

Most really have no problem with LEGAL immigration, we just have a problem with those who CONSTANTLY must be reminded that LEGAL and ILLEGAL are in fact NOT the same, whether in English or any other language you so choose to use.

Of course those who come legally aren't usually found disrespecting the flag either, but that's another whole story.


kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

Funny how the news media is suppressing the fact to keep telling the Mexicans that the US government is contributing to the killing of so many in Mexico with our gun scam, Fast & Furious. The Hispanics can keep voting for the Liberals. See what they keep getting, I don't care.


Stu 3 years, 1 month ago

I hate to break it to you, but if your only argument for extreme immigrant-bashing policies is that they are the law, you are in a pretty feeble position.

Slavery and Jim Crow were also the law in their day. Folks who protested against these policies were branded lawless agitators and dangerous fanatics. Nowadays we put the "law-abiding citizens" who went along with or actively supported these policies in the same category as war criminals who claim that they were "just following orders."

If you want to see where our immigration policies lead, look at the case of the Georgia journalist from El Salvador who is currently facing deportation. Here is a man who clearly faces a well-founded fear of persecution in his country of origin -- extreme rightist forces in El Salvador have threatened his life. In addition, it seems pretty obvious that he is being singled out for his exposes of our government's abuses against immigrants. After all, deportation is a convenient and highly effective way to silence a reporter.

Trying to deport this guy seems like a pretty serious attack on the First Amendment. I was under the impression that this was an important part of the U.S. Constitution that might take precedence over immigrant-bashing. I keep waiting for principled conservatives to speak out against this outrage.

But I guess I'm being naive. I guess that nowadays the politically correct interpretation of the First Amendment is that it only applies to corporate "speech" -- not the voices of pesky dissidents that the Founding Fathers actually intended it to protect.


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