Hilscher to be named to Suwanee's city council

SUWANEE -- A special election to fill Suwanee's vacant city council seat won't be needed after all.

Suwanee small business attorney Beth Hilscher was the only candidate to qualify for the post, said Elvira Rogers, administrative services director. Qualifying began on Monday, and closed at noon on Wednesday. Rogers said the city's charter states that if only one candidate qualifies, an election is not needed.

The seat came open last month when Jace Brooks, who had served as a councilman for about 10 years, resigned to run for the District 1 seat of the Gwinnett County Board of Commission.

Hilscher is slated to be the first woman to serve on the council since Jeannine Rispin in 2009.

Rogers said city officials would discuss when Hilscher would be appointed, but she expected a called meeting would be in July to make it official. Hilscher could potentially sit at the July City Council Workshop, Rogers said.

Mayor Jimmy Burnette said Hilscher has a vested interest in the city because she lives there and owns property on Main Street.

"I think she's going to be a benefit to the city," Burnette said.

Hilscher continues a trend of fresh faces on the council. After Burnette, who has served on the council since 1996, the next longest-tenured councilman is Mayor Pro Tem Dan Foster, who has served since 2006.

"We all share a lot of the same interests as far as quality of life," Burnette said.

Hilscher is vice chair of the Downtown Development Authority, and was active in the city's 20/20 vision discussions.

She could not be reached for comment on Wednesday, but told the Daily Post last month that the timing to run for city council fits with her family, as she has children who are 15 and 11.

Hilscher lives in the Ruby Forest subdivision, and said she hasn't previously held public office.

"I am very committed to the city; I'm not going anywhere," said Hilscher, who recently completed the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce's Leadership Gwinnett program. "I have a vested interest to make sure it continues. I think the current council has done a good job, and previous councils have done a good job. I would be honored to serve."


kevin 3 years, 2 months ago

This tells you what the Suwanne Council is made up of. The whole council is trying hard to get all the people that think the same so they don't have any opposition on that council. Yes, it has finally happened to Suwanee government. Fixed to the brim. This is why no one tries to "enter" that kingdom and even run for an office. The deck will be stacked in the majority of the council so nothing gets challenged anymore.

Suwannee residents. Welcome to the political jungle.


HonestIngine 3 years, 2 months ago

I have always said, this county is not prospering because we have too many small cities, with their own seperate agenda. The county governement needs to be revampted, doing away with these cities and having one government running the county. Each small town can still have their voice by having one person represent their interest on the commission.

Imagine what our taxes would be like if there is only One mouth to feed....


CD 3 years, 2 months ago

I'm thinking about all the Gluttonous Heathens laughing at your comment as they stash the cash in their freezers.

The problems of government are never solved by more government.


kevin 3 years, 2 months ago

Many times the issue has come up to add more commissioners Gwinnett's BOC. Each time the recommendation falls on deaf ears.I think it is time for a new candidate to embrace this idea. The fact it will cost a little more is absurd. It will save in the long run because it will be harder for lobbyists and other developers to pay off enough commissioners to get their ideas passed. More small cities only multiplies the sins of the larger county commission by duplicating all those same efforts. It is only common sense that each city will be paying a lot more in the long run once they get more involved with their city's infrastructure issues. If those residents of those little cities would have been more involved in the County issues, they wouldn't now have to be so involved with their own city issues. I still stand by my words, vote but never re-elect anyone and you will surely stay out of the fraud and corrupt issues.


Suwaneelover 3 years, 2 months ago

You've all got to be kidding. By every measure possible Suwanee residents love Suwanee and are very happy with their government. Money Magazine has twice ranked it among the best small cities in America and this year Kiplinger Magazine ranked it third in the nation as the best place to raise children.

Suwanee's citizens vote for council members who share the idea that quality amenities like great parks, interesting events, citizen involvement, and close, responsive government makes a great place to live or have business. In fact, with its commitment to get things done for its citizens, Suwanee's government is functioning the way most people WISH the U,S, Congress worked. It focuses on getting stuff done. People with contrary views can and do run for Suwanee city council and regularly get defeated by large margins because the citizens don't share those views. They like what we've got and want to keep it and make it better.


kevin 3 years, 1 month ago

Why does the Suwanee Council waiver so many building restrictions to keep allowing developers to build things that are against the code? This is a part of the traffic issues we have. Build it and they will come attitude without regards to the city's own building codes. Money is talking at Suwanee. Sooner, if not later, Suwanee will feel the heat. Too bad your police force doesn;t do its job on the roads. Not one cop is to be found giving out ticket on the new McGinnis Ferry road between Buford Hwy and L'ville Suwanee "speedway." The council is now "stacked" to get everything they want passed.


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