Mall of Georgia announces store expansions

BUFORD -- The Southeast's largest mall has announced the expansion of Limited Brands' presence through the Mall of Georgia property with renovation projects for Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works as well as the opening of Georgia's first stand-alone PINK store.

Opening in September, PINK was founded in 2004 as a sub-brand of Victoria's Secret. The 4,279 square-foot boutique will stand as the first of its kind in the state. Located in the upper level, PINK specializes in sleepwear, lounge wear and beauty products for younger shoppers.

Victoria's Secret plans a re-opening ceremony in September 2012 to unveil the 9,633 square-foot space, which includes an assortment of intimate apparel, beauty products, sleepwear, hosiery and more.

Bath & Body Works is slated for a 2013 reopening. The new 3,359 square-foot space will offer a larger store for its shoppers.

Limited Brands operates 2,613 specialty stores in the United States including Victoria's Secret, PINK and Bath & Body Works.

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kevin 3 years, 3 months ago

Does anyone know if the stores in this mall pays property taxes on al their inventory and fixtures?


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