Police: Woman stole $25K of jewelry from in-laws

SUWANEE -- A Sugar Hill woman was arrested on Monday by Suwanee police for stealing about $25,000 worth of jewelry from her in-laws.

Cherese Humphrey was charged with eight counts of theft by deception and one count of theft by taking. Two of the charges are felonies. According to Suwanee police, the in-laws caught Humphrey after they set up a "motion camera" in the master bedroom and captured her taking items from cabinets.

Suwanee police dispatch then ran a "pawn history" on Humphrey and found two pawn tickets on March 15 and March 16. A police report said the items listed on the pawn history matched the items on the victims' list of missing items.

Suwanee police spokesman Capt. Clyde Byers said the charges stem from separate incidents at different pawn shops or gold-buying businesses.

The incident wasn't first reported to the police until June 15, Byers said.

"I assume they (victims) didn't notice it missing immediately because it was a little here and a little there and may have initially thought they had misplaced it, until it kept adding up to more and more stuff missing," Byers said in an email message.