LETTERS: Proposed Gwinnett Center hotel should be a no go

How is it good for our county to lease a piece of property ("Hotel proposal could see many ethics questions," June 20 1A) to a business for $1 a year when it has been said that the hotel owners were to build the facility across the street with no incentives?

The biggest problem I have with the arrangement is this: The Gwinnett Convention and Vistors Bureau receives a substantial amount of its income from the hotel tax that come from guests at the various hotels in the county. So you are giving preferential treatment to a new hotel to compete with existing hotels that are providing the funding for the GCVB.

The hospitality industry has only two or three representatives on the board of the GCVB so they really have no say in this matter as well as not wanting to upset the other GCVB members, many of whom are the so-called movers and shakers of the good ol' boys network in Gwinnett.

It is like a form of taxation without representation and manipulating the system to do what you want without voter's input -- just like the Gwinnett Braves Stadium.

-- Lee Baker



kevin 2 years, 7 months ago

Stop complaining and replace the current Gwinnett BOC. That is easy to do if you get off your sofas and go vote against them all, like I will do along with many people I have talked to. No wonder Nash & her gang are scratching their heads over a possible property tax increase. Are the voters going to let them get away with that? Time to find a way to remove more county employees in some fashion; maybe retirement incentives, or lower pay scales. The private sector does this. What makes Gwinnett County any better?


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