Musicians celebrate Eddie Owen


Photo: Clyde Click Several local musicians set to pay tribute to Eddie Owen at the Red Clay Theatre through the weekend.

DULUTH -- After being in the music business for more than two decades, Eddie Owen is finally getting applause with a five-day tribute to him at the Red Clay Theatre.

Beginning Friday, JEM Entertainment hosts more than 70 Georgia singer-songwriters and groups to perform all in the name of Owen and his contribution to blossoming musicians, their music and their craft.

"It's honestly very humbling and embarrassing," he said about the shows. "In my years of doing this, I knew that it is about the song and songwriter rather than me and I've understood that from the get-go. I've been really blessed to work with all of these folks, be around them and watch them grow."

Jayne Madigan, founder of JEM Entertainment decided to gather the artists as a surprise to Owen.

"I decided to do it because it's Eddie's 20-year anniversary," she said. "He's made a big transition from Decatur with Eddie's Attic to Duluth's Red Clay Theatre. What better way to celebrate than with a big party and musicians who have worked with him throughout the years."

For the event, Madigan started asking around for people to perform. Before she knew it, a high number of musicians signed up for the tribute and she had to keep adding additional sets.

"Since there was overflow (of musicians), we had to open another show on Friday, June 29," she said. "If they keep coming forward, we'll keep adding the shows."

But the man of the tribute still wants the show to be about the performers more than about him. He wants the creative minds to collaborate in between sets.

"I hope community happens between songwriters," Owen said about the event. "Some of these people aren't necessary bosom pals, not because they can't be, they just haven't be around each other. That's a really cool thing, to watch songwriters get together to share and swap ideas, songs and support."

Some of the performers include Cowboy Envy, Julie Gribble, Caroline Herring, Kodac Harrison, Elliott Bronson, Doria Roberts, Diane Durrett, Mike Kinnebrew, Neil Cribbs and Sue Wilkinson.

All proceeds from the shows benefit the future music school at Red Clay Theatre.