West Georgia hospital bans helium balloons

LAGRANGE — A LaGrange-based health system is banning helium-filled balloons from its facilities after problems with loose balloons setting off fire alarms, causing stress for hospital patients.

West Georgia Health spokeswoman Jan Nichols says the ban is part of a nationwide trend of hospitals banning the balloons.

Nichols says that helium balloons present a danger when they are released and float to high levels in the building, repeatedly triggering smoke alarms.

Officials say helium balloons will no longer be available for purchase in the West Georgia Health gift shop, and the health system is requesting that vendors discontinue helium balloon deliveries.

The ban applies only to helium-filled balloons, and visitors may still bring air-filled balloons into facilities.


teelee 3 years, 2 months ago

What's next flowers? Sounds like they need to get a new fire alarm system.

Give me a break

Give me a break by teelee


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