Snellville council butts heads over 2013 budget

SNELLVILLE -- The Snellville City Council will wait until the 11th hour to approve its budget for the fiscal year 2013, after voting during Monday's special called meeting to postpone a decision.

Further discussion and a vote will now come during another special meeting scheduled for June 29. The deadline for approval is June 30.

The proposed 2013 budget discussed Monday was larger than the one originally presented to the public, thanks in large part to the addition of just over $426,000 allotted for road projects through the Livable Centers Initiative, or LCI.

After a lengthy debate over how to handle the $16,900 now budgeted for improvements to the gazebo at Briscoe Park, Mayor Kelly Kautz and Mayor Pro Tem Tom Witt butted heads about the inclusion of LCI money and its potential impact on the tax base.

"It would be better to me if we didn't put that in our budget and extend it out of our general fund, and then when we refinance it add it into the regular budget," Witt said. "That way it doesn't affect the tax base of the residents and property owners."

Kautz wasn't buying.

"I don't think it's wise for us to tell our taxpayers, 'Hey we can reduce your taxes,' when we know we're going to have this $400,000-plus burden," she said.

Witt retorted.

"It's not like we'd have to go out and hit up every household for more money," he said. "My concern is the fact that we put it into the budget and we do have surplus funds and we do have the possibility of financing it."

The council will have to make a final vote on the budget during its newly scheduled June 29 meeting, just a day before deadline. Several other meeting dates were proposed Monday but council members had scheduling conflicts.


ssilover1 3 years, 3 months ago

What is it with Snellville? This council has the opportunity to turn around the perception that Snellville has yet instead, it is as dysfuctional as ever.


kevin 3 years, 3 months ago

Their city council is sure doing a great job making this fight look good. They all know that taxes will be voted no to go up so they put on a good game for the public. Come on guys, drop the fuss and kill those projects till 2014. Big deal. I guess some politician needs those projects to get re-elected.


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