Life sentence upheld for teen murderer

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Supreme Court upheld the life sentence of Tunde Kevin Alatise, one of the three Gwinnett teenagers arrested in 2006 after a string of armed robberies ended in murder.

Alatise and two accomplices, all 16 years old at the time, were arrested July 13, 2006, five days after Aurelio Mendoza-Garcia was fatally shot while sitting in his car at the Bristol Court Apartments in Norcross. A tip from one of the suspect's sisters led police to execute search warrants on all three teens' homes.

Items seized from those locations tied the trio to approximately 15 additional armed robberies in the Norcross area. Investigators said at the time that Alatise and his two accomplices -- Jovon Lamar Nicholson and Richard Williams Shugart -- targeted Hispanic men, and often intoxicated ones in low-lit areas.

Mendoza-Garcia, the murder victim, was shot just below the left should while he sat in his car talking on a cellphone. He died within an hour of being transported to the hospital.

The Georgia Supreme Court upheld Alatise's murder conviction and life sentence this week.


roaads1 2 years, 4 months ago

He gave up his right to live in society when he decided to rob people for a living. If he rots in jail the world is a better place. At 16 he made grown up decisions that affected innocent lives. And his mother probably thinks this is an injustice. That's because she decided to breed with someone that wouldn't be there to raise this child. Just a guess but I'll bet I'm right. Oh and dad could care less, if he even knows he is a dad. Funny how choices create problems.


TOWG 2 years, 4 months ago

He's gonna be real popular in big-boy prison.


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