City leaders honor Loganville High School baseball team

LOGANVILLE -- Mayor Ray Nunley and City Council members publicly congratulated the Loganville High School baseball team Thursday evening, presenting head coach Jeff Segars with a framed proclamation commemorating the Class AAA state championship win.

"This accomplishment is very special to me and to the city," Nunley said, then told the athletes to remember how much hard work it took to reach their goal. "I hope you've learned that nothing is accomplished without hard work," the mayor said.

Today has been proclaimed "Loganville High School Red Devils Baseball AAA State Champions Day" in the city.

July 4th parade details questioned

Jerry Golden presented a July 4th Parade update. Councilman Mark Kiddoo, chairman of the Finance Committee, asked Golden whether the city would be required to pay the estimates $6,000 to $8,000 for police officers to work the parade. The councilman wanted to know why the city would be expected to cover that cost in light of recent deep budget cuts by all city departments.

Nunley asked Golden where the profits from the parade (if any are realized) would be going, and why some of those profits could not be used to pay for the police presence required for the popular parade. Golden directed Nunley to speak with others on the parade committee more involved in finance.

The parade's major sponsor is the American Legion Post 233.

Council members agreed to a motion specifying that, if profits are realized from the event, all or part of the cost of the police presence would be reimbursed to the city of Loganville.