Lawrenceville restaurant employee arrested for 'skimming'

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Police are asking recent patrons of Lawrenceville's Footprints Cafe to check their bank accounts after an employee there was recently charged with "skimming" credit card information.

Laura Grace Tanis was arrested Saturday and charged with credit card theft and possession of credit card forgery devices. So far, Lawrenceville Police said they have only identified one victim but are "following leads that may indicated a more extensive network of individuals involved in the credit card fraud scheme."

Tanis' alleged crime was discovered by the owner of Footprints Cafe, located at 706 Grayson Highway, Lawrenceville Police spokesman Capt. Greg Vaughn said.

"Kudos to her for reporting it," Vaughn said.

Investigators believe Tanis was utilizing a portable electronic credit card skimmer to capture the banking information of paying customers. No further details were available Wednesday, but suspects in such cases usually swipe or scan customers' cards while the victims are not looking.

Account numbers are stored in the device and, typically, then used to create fraudulent cards for use by criminals.

Authorities are asking anyone who visited the Footprints Cafe in recent months and paid via credit or debit card to check their bank statements for unusual charges. Possible victims are asked to contact the Lawrenceville Police Department at 770-339-2412.

"As of now we only know of one victim," Vaughn said. "(We're) just wanting to know if we have more out there."

Jail records show Tanis was released Saturday on $22,400 bond.


FactChecker 3 years, 2 months ago

The story omitted the possibility that she sold the credit card numbers and that they will be used at some time in the future. If she had been my server, I would request a change of number from my credit card company. At least contact the charge company's fraud department and alert them to the situation.


CD 3 years, 2 months ago

Let's not give the BOC any ideas, Tyler. Between bribery and drug running, I think the citizens have suffered enough already, especially considering the tax increase in the works.


candyh123 3 years, 2 months ago

The same thing happened to my daughter at Chiles in Lawrenceville.


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