Officials to cut ribbon at Duluth roundabout

DULUTH -- A connectivity project 10 years in the making will be celebrated Thursday.

Duluth officials plan a 9:30 a.m. ribbon cutting on the lawn of Glancy Rehabilitation Center for the completion of a traffic roundabout.

Envisioned during the city's Livable Centers Initiative study a decade ago, the recent construction ties together several projects to improve the city's roadways. drainage and sidewalks, providing more options for traffic and connectivity around the downtown area. The work to McClure Bridge Road, West Lawrenceville Street, Irvindale Road and a future road known as the Hospital COnnector converges near the rehab center, where a roundabout was constructed.

The traffic device is the fourth in Gwinnett. Roundabouts also are located at Arnold Road at Hutchins Road, as well as at the entrance of Peachree Ridge Park. Another was recently completed at the Indian Shoals at Masters Road entrance to Harbins Park, and one is under construction at the entrance to Rabbit Hill Park.

For Duluth officials, though, the roundabout isn't just exciting because of the traffic implication. It is also considered a community gateway. Officials are currently in the planning stages to add artwork and landscaping to the center of the circle.


teelee 3 years, 3 months ago

Doesn't take much to get people excited in Duluth. Ten years? Man went to the Moon in about seven years.

Now learn how to use it

Now learn how to use it by teelee


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