Ga. revenue collections up 2 percent in May

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's state government collected $1.24 billion during May, a 2 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Those collections are viewed as a rough measure of economic health. The government collects more tax money as people get jobs, earn more pay and purchase goods.

Republican Gov. Nathan Deal said this month's figures show steady growth even though the rate of growth was weaker than in April. Georgia has experienced growth for 19 of the past 20 months.

Individual income tax collections fell just under 1 percent to roughly $617 million. Net sales and use tax collections increased 3.9 percent to $449 million.

Through the eleven months of the current budget year, revenue collections stand at $14.5 billion, a 5 percent increase compared to the last fiscal year.


teelee 3 years ago

Now that they are collecting taxes on internet sales they should make a boatload of money. I bought something online the other day and wondered why there was an extra $9.00 on my total. Lets hope the state doesn't spend it as fast as they get it. Will our license plates really get cheaper??


CD 3 years ago

@teepee: for your education: one only pays sales tax on internet purchases in Georgia if the business has nexus in Georgia, meaning a location from which they conduct business or a sales force can also create nexus, for example.

Now I understand your airport postings more clearly


kevin 3 years ago

Why not collect all the money that is owed to the state from politicians? We would be out of our crises if they did. Why doesn't the GDP give us an update on the amount of tax money owed by citizens and businesses or tell us where we can find that info online? The fact collections are up doesn't mean anything unless we know the amount that is uncollected so we know what is being lost and how poor the Revenue Dept is at collecting back taxes.


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