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Bodies in Norcross home ID’d July 29, 2015


Duluth woman accused of various thefts from employer

NORCROSS -- Warrants have been issued for a Duluth woman accused of stealing from her former employer in nearly every possible way.

Duluth resident Kenishia Shanell Brown, 31, is wanted for allegedly stealing gift cards and 17 iPhones, as well as pilfering cash and placing fraudulent claims of health issues, from her former workplace.

According to details released by the Norcross Police Department, Brown was the director of marketing and customer relations at Norcross-based Laser Supply and Service before being allowed to resign in May.

After her departure, her employer allegedly discovered several unauthorized purchases of gift cards and other things using a company credit card -- a grand total of more than $6,600. Brown reportedly told the company she was giving gift cards to clients.

Brown also cheated the company after being put in charge of selling 17 "nearly new" Apple iPhones, police said. According to the incident report, Brown was supposed to sell the phones, valued at just under $5,000, after the company transferred its cellular service.

Those phones never made it to an Ohio company she reported selling them to.

The company's CEO also told police that she had previously "provided Brown with several weeks pay after Brown's husband called to report Brown had been hospitalized following a bi-polar episode." As it turns out, Brown was in the Barrow County jail serving time for deposit account fraud.

Brown also stole other funds and opened an unauthorized cellphone account under the business' name, police said.

Gwinnett County jail records showed Brown had not been arrested as of Thursday afternoon. Warrants issued last week charged her with a single count of theft by conversion.


Motor76 3 years ago

Kineshia Shanell?....Hmmmm. She's the employee from hell, and an idiot to think she could get away with all that thievery. Jobs are hard to find out there these days and even harder to find as a convicted embezzler.


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