Moratorium ends in Peachtree Corners

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- Development is back on in Peachtree Corners, after a 24-day moratorium allowed for the new city to establish codes.

"I'd like to thank the business community for their patience as we established the city's zoning ordinances," Mayor Mike Mason said. "I'd like to also thank Gwinnett County for their public spirited cooperation as well. We met our goals of planning an orderly transition of services while avoiding any undesirable land uses. This is another important milestone in the city's progress toward full start up."

The new City Council adopted its zoning and sign ordinances Tuesday, while Gwinnett commissioners met to approve an intergovernmental agreement to continue issuing permits for the city.

According to the agreement, the county will provide permitting and land use services for the city through the end of the year, keeping any fees collected during that process.

City leaders said the moratorium was necessary to protect the city during its first weeks until new ordinances were adopted. The move was especially necessary for issues involving billboard companies and adult entertainment businesses, a press release said. In fact, the City Council approved having its own attorney work on a pending lawsuit filed before incorporation against Gwinnett by an outdoor advertising company that wants to place two billboards within the city limits.

"This is an example of the efficacy of the moratorium," acting City Attorney Bill Riley. "If we hadn't had it in place, there could have been dozens of additional billboard requests submitted before the City's zoning and sign ordinances were in place."

If any voting action is required on permitting or zoning, a contracted liaison will provide data coordination between the city and county, the release said.