LETTERS: T-SPLOST takes wrong approach

The T-SPLOST tax is the wrong solution for Georgia's future. Pouring more money into shoving more commuters into central Atlanta each

day is the wrong concept.

I would be in favor of this tax if it was to be used to find ways to move business from downtown to outside the

perimeter. Telecommute, fill the vacant office space in the outer counties, build new office space in Gwinnett and other counties. It

would enhance revenue in those counties, and shorten commute times far more than what is proposed by TSPLOST planners.

If just 20 percent of the workers downtown could operate each day beyond the perimeter, that's like adding another lane on every interstate feeding downtown. Let's kill off TSPLOST on July 31, and replace it with a plan to convince businesses to move their operations out of downtown.

-- James Griffin,