LETTERS: Not the right time for mixed-use development

So here we go again ("Mixed-use proposed for Dacula," July 19, 1A). Haven't we been here before?

Plans for 2.5 million square feet of development, including 613 residences, on a 156-acre spread just doesn't seem to make any sense right now. While looking at a satellite view from above the area, I couldn't help but notice dozens of brown patches in all directions all over the map. Upon closer inspection, these swaths of clear-cut land are unfinished neighborhoods and shopping centers.

The drive to continually wipe out pristine woodlands for projects that have no future when there's so many that already lay incomplete is simply baffling. It's time to take another breather and reflect on where we've just been, and continue to be.

Clearly, long-term planning is taking a back seat again to short-term gains when ideas like this have begun to surface so soon.

-- Don Hoppe Jr.