POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Brooks gains support from city leaders

Leaders in the three major cities of Gwinnett Commission District 1 all back the same candidate.

Last week, Jace Brooks, a former Suwanee councilman, announced endorsements from every single mayor and councilman in his district, along with the backing of Sheriff Butch Conway.

"It is an honor to have earned such an outpouring of support from respected elected officials, community leaders and citizens across District 1 and Gwinnett County," said Brooks, who faces accountant Laurie McClain in the upcoming GOP primary. "These leaders understand, just as our citizens do, that we need someone on the County Commission with the competence and character to restore trust in county government and lead Gwinnett to renewed excellence."

Conway had high praise.

"Now more than ever, we need ethical leaders we can trust in county government. That's why I am supporting Jace Brooks," the sheriff said. "He is a proven leader that has the character and competence we need."

The municipal leaders cited Brooks' experience in city government as the reason for their endorsements.

"As the mayor of Duluth, I have known Jace for several years, and I have been proud to work with him on many issues affecting the cities in Gwinnett," Duuth's Nancy Harris said. "He is a true leader and has an impressive record from serving on the Suwanee City Council. I want Jace Brooks representing the city of Duluth and myself."

Duluth Councilmembers Marsha Anderson Bomar, Jim Dugan, Billy Jones, Kelly Kelkenberg and Greg Whitlock all sent their support as well.

"For Gwinnett County Commission, the choice is clear -- Jace Brooks," Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette said, adding that his record was positive during the 10 years the two served on the council together. "Just look at what Suwanee has been able to accomplish while we've cut taxes and spending. That's why we need Jace on the County Commission."

The endorsement came with the rest of the Suwanee council -- Dan Foster, Dick Goodman, Beth Hilscher, Doug Ireland and Kevin McOmber.

Sugar Hill's council also chipped in, with kudos from Councilmembers Marc Cohen, Steve Edwards, Susie Gajewski, Curtis Northrop and Mike Sullivan.

"District 1 needs a leader with honesty and character. That is what you get with Jace Brooks," Mayor Gary Pirkle said. "His experience with the Suwanee City Council and Gwinnett Municipal Association will benefit Sugar Hill and all of Gwinnett County."

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Ashley 3 years, 1 month ago

I am not sure if this makes me want to vote for him or not. These are the same people who thought Shirley Lassiter was a good candidate.


Cleanupguy 3 years, 1 month ago

That is a very broad and mostly untrue statement. Incidentally, it's spelled Lasseter - she was backed and brought along by Bannister to serve as a guaranteed vote for whatever he wanted. Everyone I know of breathed a huge sigh of relief when Lasseter was removed from office. I have had direct contact with both of the candidates noted above, I would suggest the same for anyone in doubt, and FYI I too think that Jace is the better choice.


KimMD 3 years, 1 month ago

I think the point is, with all that support from so many politicians and not really from the residents, your voting for the status quo. Which I can tell you from experience has not been a positive thing for alot of Residents. I know residents who are now living in sheds, and many who are afraid they are going to be if the status quo continues to exisit. In addition, I am first hand aware of problems that exisit in Commission one with business's and landowners who have faced condemnations in this county and have been treated very unfairly. This is the status quo....If thats what you want then go with Jace, he seems to have all these people support......Laurie McClain is knowledgeable of the problems and is the right person in my opinion to solve them. Laurie McClain for Comm 1 seat....100%


Cleanupguy 3 years, 1 month ago

Such wonderful generalizations - on Laurie's campaign staff, I assume? Ummm - most of our governmental problems in recent years have been if not created by at least worsened by staunch refual to deal openly with others (see cities versus Gwinnett service disputes). Laurie has shown several of us that she isn't ready to do that. I don't want another "knowledgeable" Bannister, I'd prefer Jace. I work with a volunteer / activist group - please advise regarding the whereabouts of those shed people, very likely we can help. I've done been around BOC circles myself for 25-30 years, living in the thick of it, and it's pretty clear from the ground that Jace is the guy.


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