GGC's Kaufman: 'The demand for this type of educational opportunity was there'

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Georgia Gwinnett College continues to grow. It's a trend that hasn't wavered as the institution prepares for its next round of freshmen.

College President Daniel J. Kaufman took time out for a chat with the Daily Post to catch up on all the latest buzz, including an intercollegiate athletics debut during the 2012-13 school year, which begins with a soccer doubleheader on Aug. 25.

FR: Talk to me about how Georgia Gwinnett College has continued to mature over the years.

DJK: Well, we're planning to go from last year's enrollment of 8,000 to somewhere between 9,000-9,500. We're adding athletic facilities and we're going to add varsity athletics to our integrated educational experience, so that our youngsters will have the opportunity to compete at a level that makes sense for their abilities at the intramural level, club level or the varsity level.

We are designing our allied health building now in hopes to begin construction of that facility in the fall, and it will be a state of the art building that will house our science programs as well as our nursing programs.

It's just another exciting year at GGC. Off we go.

FR: What else is going on right now at the college?

DJK: We're adding international students. We'll have our first contingent of international students on campus, a program we think will grow significantly and rapidly. We're looking at ways to offer more overseas opportunities for our students. Internationalization of the campus and the curriculum is an important initiative for us, because that's the world in which our grandkids are going to live and lead, and so that program is also an important addition to the opportunity our students will have here.

FR: What do you make of the continued growth that GGC continues to see?

DJK: As much as we'd like to take credit for it, I think it's a question of the demand being there. As you know well, this is a growing, diverse and vibrant community, and it needed an institution to provide baccalaureate level education for this community, this county, this part of metropolitan Atlanta and this part of Georgia, frankly.

I think clearly the demand for this type of educational opportunity was there and we are trying our best to lead in that need.


ggcmom 2 years, 9 months ago

I am the parent of a former GGC student. I am thrilled at the growth and development of the school. However, I have a problem with the growth of the school without associated infrastructure. It is fine to bring more and more students to the campus, but where are they supposed to park? The new lab building was built in the parking lot, displacing a lot of parking spaces. Now another new building is being planned, which I think is going to take more existing parking. In addition to creating the need for MORE parking.

There is also a lack of administrative support. Admissions, student accounts, and financial aid lack the personnel to help the existing number of students. In the past 3 years it does not seem that many additional people have been hired. Getting through on the phone is almost impossible. The only way to get help is to spend hours waiting to see someone face to face. Once you get a person, the issue can usually be resolved. It is just a matter of getting TO a person.

I know money is tight for the university system, but if student body growth is going to be encouraged, money should be allocated for services the students will need.


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