Note: 'this is a robbery, play you dieee'

LAWRENCEVILLE -- An indictment released this week sheds new light on the case of two Stone Mountain teens who reportedly laughed at how easy bank robbing is.

The note the teens gave a Wells Fargo teller at a branch on Killian Hill Road near Lilburn last September read: "Give me all the money, we got guns, this is a robbery, play you dieee (sic)," according to the indictment.

As the teller gathered money, one suspect reportedly told the other, "I told you this was easy."

Not really. The suspects didn't notice the bank employee slipping a dye pack in the plastic bag they provided. When it exploded, they reportedly left the money and ran.

Nine months later, police arrested Stone Mountain residents Kentay Okera Fields, 17, and Tevin Contrell Jones, 18, after matching their fingerprints to ones found on the demand note. Both teens later confessed, Gwinnett police said.

Jones remains at the Gwinnett County Jail, while Fields was granted an $11,200 bond and released 10 days after his arrest, records show.

A grand jury indicted both suspects on single counts of robbery Wednesday.