Curiosity leads cops to chop shop, DVD counterfeiter


Amos Green


James Hargrove

LAWRENCEVILLE -- One man's curiosity and sticktoitiveness led Gwinnett County police to an alleged Lawrenceville chop shop and DVD counterfeiter.

Police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith told the Daily Post that a Fulton County man was driving recently when he spotted what looked like his utility trailer that had been stolen some three years ago. The man, who was not identified, followed the trailer and ended up at 122 Gloster Road in Lawrenceville, the residence and body shop of Amos Green.

When police were called to the home Wednesday, they found about 30 cars "in various states of repair and disrepair," Smith said. The trailer was indeed determined to belong to the pursuer, Smith said. At least two more cars -- a Nissan Armada and Oldsmobile Intrigue stripped down to the frames -- were determined stolen out of Fulton County.

The work to determine the status of the other cars on the lot was ongoing Friday, Smith said. The stolen cars were being sold for scrap metal, he said.

Jail records show Green was arrested and charged with owning or operating a chop shop, three counts of possession of a vehicle with altered identification and two counts of theft by receiving. He had not posted $30,900 bond as of Friday evening.

Investigators were still trying to determine who was delivering the cars to the alleged chop shop, but a search warrant at the Gloster Road home also yielded an arrest on unrelated crimes.

Smith said that while searching the home, officers uncovered at least 1,500 counterfeit DVDs and multiple DVD and CD burners. They determined that Green's roommate, James Hargrove, was responsible for the bootleg movies, including some of which were "still in theaters," Smith said.

Hargrove was arrested and charged with two felony counts of reproduction of recorded material. Jail records show he was released on $5,900 bond.