Bat infestation causes health officials to close apartment building

BUFORD -- Four families have left a Buford apartment building because health department officials said an infestation of bats caused a health hazard.

The American Red Cross assisted the familes with hotel arrangements on Thursday night. Health department spokeswoman Karen Shields said the building is not safe to be lived in.

"Our people who were there yesterday have been in contact with those who need to get medical recommendations," Shields said on Friday.

Shields said residents should not live in the building until the bats have been removed and procedures put in place to prevent their return.

A notice from the Gwinnett County Board of Health attached to a tenant's door at the Power Avenue address said there is "a significant accumulation of bats on the property." The notice also said that bats may be carriers of rabies, and testing has been initiated, but not completed; some individuals have "attempted to deal with the bats by application of large quantities of moth balls."


R 1 year, 9 months ago

Buford the Bat now replaces Buford the Buzzard at Six Flags...

In this economy, even our vermin are being "down sized"


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