Former Gwinnett teacher goes country


Special Phot :Former North Gwinnett teacher, Corey Smith, will headline Red Clay Jamboree concert at Coolray Field on Saturday.


Smith held a chat with the Daily Post on Wednesday. Click HERE to see what he had to say.


What: Corey Smith’s Red Clay Jamboree

When: 5 p.m. Saturday

Where: Coolray Field, One Braves Ave., Lawrenceville

Cost: $15 to $29

For more information: www.coreysmith.com

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Before becoming a touring country artist, Corey Smith taught social studies at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee for several years and during his summer breaks, he would record in the studio.

On Saturday, the former teacher returns to Gwinnett County as the headliner for the Red Clay Jamboree concert at Coolray Field with special guests Tyler Reeve, The FARM and Dustin Lynch opening the show.

"There should be a lot of familiar faces in the audience," he said. "But I won't really know what to expect until we get there. We'll get into a happy place and have fun."

Smith recently found a little more fame from his tune "The Baseball Song," which now plays during games at Turner Field. The song is about thinking back on memories about being at the ball park.

"I had a feeling when I wrote it that it was a special one," he said. "It really brought this writing phase in the past 10 months or so to close. When I wrote this, something clicked in my head. I knew it was the song that would resonate with people."

The country singer personally went to the Ted one night to hear his voice over the loud speakers and loved it.

"The stars aligned up," he said. "I went down to Turner Field to hear it for the first time and got to see it. It was so cool."

At Coolray Field, Smith is ready to have a good time -- and according to him, if he's smiling a lot, it's "going to be a good night."

"From my perspective, (a good concert is) to transcend and not worry about things and enjoy the music," he said about live performances. "We're having fun when we're not worrying about our day-to-day problems. Some people are focused on the music and listen to the parts, some people just listen to the lyrics."

No matter what, this country frontman wants people to come out and have a good time on Saturday, even if they have never heard of him before.

"I think (the public) should get into (my) music a little bit by going online and look at some of my videos to dig around," Smith said. "If you're already been to a show or two, come on out. I think it's a unique show that they won't want to miss."

A fireworks display will end the night.