The Daily "Post" - July 12, 2012 - Yes for TSPLOST

"I'll vote for (TSPLOST). Our roads are a mess right now. Odds are the traffic improvements alone will save you more money in gas than you actually spend on the sales tax itself. And unlike the 400 tolls, this actually has a defined expiration date."

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TiredTaxPayer 3 years ago

Ga 400 was built with a promise that it would no longer be a toll road once it was paid for and now we are still paying. I 85 was built with taxpayer funds and now is a luxury lane for a select few . How many times will you be lied to before you say enough is enough.VOTE NO


YouMustBeKidding 3 years ago

You must be kidding! Trust the Goverment? And as for Atlanta and such? I don't go to Atlanta, I go the opposite direction and do not use any of these roads. I prefer to keep my taxes in my pocket.


NewsReader 3 years ago

"...Odds are..."? Really? Show us the math moron!


R 3 years ago

Since the ARC has already admitted this bill will have NO real, confirmable impact on commute times, WHY is a YES even considered as an option at this point - send it back and TRY again.

No wonder the “Propeller Fellers” thought they could get their airport deal though, some folks here will indeed vote FOR anything!

Barnum would be so proud…

Or as we used to say in the shop , “The suckers are bitin’”


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