CRCT results show Gwinnett's prowess in English, language arts


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SUWANEE -- If there's one area Gwinnett elementary and middle school students excel in, it's English and language arts.

When the state Department of Education released school-by-school competency test results on Thursday, Gwinnett County Public Schools listed 16 schools that recorded a 100 percent score from at least one grade level of English and language arts. The Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests evaluate students from third through eighth grade in math, reading, English/language arts, science and social studies.

The exams determine whether schools meet annual academic goals, known as Adequate Yearly Progress, which is a criterion of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

One school that continued a recent trend of improvement was Lilburn's Minor Elementary, in the Berkmar cluster, which earned marked improvement for the fourth straight year.

"If I sound excited, it's because we got these last week and have been standing around crunching numbers," said Principal Christina Wimmer, who is in her third year at the school.

Minor earned improvement in several areas, but most notably in third-grade reading, up 21 percentage points, fourth-grade Engish and language arts, also up 21 points, fourth-grade social studies, up 24 points, and fifth-grade math, which was up 22.

Wimmer said there isn't a "magic bullet or formula," but the school's administrators try to focus on research-based practices.

"When the rubber hits the road, it's up to teachers to customize these practices for every single student," she said.

Wimmer added that students at her school are not simply beginning to receive passing scores, they're also scoring in the exceeds category.

Along with English and language arts, many Gwinnett students excelled in reading.

Among the schools that posted 100 percent scores in reading were Level Creek Elementary third-graders, New Life Academy of Excellence fourth-graders, Parsons Elementary fourth-graders, Puckett's Mill Elementary third-graders, Riverside Elementary fifth-graders, Roberts Elementary third-graders, Simpson Elementary fourth-graders, W.J. Cooper Elementary third-graders and White Oak Elementary fourth-graders.

"We are proud of our students as our results reflect growth in the exceeds category," Cooper Principal Donna Bishop said. "I attribute that to the quality of our teachers, and the support of our community."

In science, Head Elementary third-graders hit 100, and New Life fourth-graders in social studies earned 100. New Life's sixth- and seventh-graders also had 100s in math.

These results came after last month's district-wide scores when it was reported that GCPS and Buford City Schools were above state averages, and were higher than last year's marks.

State law requires that students must meet or exceed expectations on the CRCT in third, fifth and eighth grades in order to be promoted.

The following Gwinnett schools posted 100 percent passing on at least one portion of the test: Brookwood Elementary, Fort Daniel Elementary, Freeman's Mill Elementary, Harbins Elementary, Head Elementary, Ivy Preparatory Academy, Kanoheda Elementary, Level Creek Elementary, Lovin Elementary, McKendree Elementary, Mulberry Elementary, New Life Academy of Excellence, Parsons Elementary, Puckett's Mill Elementary, Riverside Elementary, Roberts Elementary, Rosebud Elementary, Simpson Elementary, Suwanee Elementary, W.J. Cooper Elementary and White Oak Elementary.


teelee 3 years, 2 months ago

Now if we could just teach their parents to speak English we could really gain some ground!


kevin 3 years, 2 months ago

The bigger problem is kids can't do well in a more important part of the test: math and reading. No one is teaching them how ti understand what they read, if they can read. With all the digital toys out their, kids, not even high school kids, can do math in their heads anymore. To pass all these "government run" tests, standards are therefore lowered all the time.


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