DirecTV customers lose numerous channels

DirecTV and Viacom failed to reach a new deal on programming fees, resulting in a blackout of many popular cable networks, including MTV, Comedy Central, TV Land, CMT, Spike TV and Nickelodean.

The blackout is the result of the latest dispute between entertainment companies and the distributors, which include the cable, telecom, and satellite-TV providers. There have been an increasing amount of disagreements over how much distributors have to pay to carry the various networks, resulting in public spats such as this.

Viacom confirmed the blackout on its blog earlier today.

"We are deeply disappointed that DirecTV dropped Viacom's channels before our midnight deadline this evening, severing our connection with its nearly 20 million subscribers nationwide," the company said. "We proposed a fair deal that amounted to an increase of only a couple pennies per day, per subscriber, and we remained willing to negotiate that deal right up to this evening's deadline. However, DirecTV refused to engage in meaningful conversation."


LilburnLady 3 years, 1 month ago

Entertainment companies are increasing their pricing to distributors at a time when customers are leaving cable behind in droves. We joined millions of other former cable customers and cut the cable over a year ago. We purchased a $60 Roku box, a Netflix subscription, MOG music service and a $14 Walmart antennae to hang in the attic. Now, we pay a total of $13 a month, have movies and TV shows on demand through Netflix, an unbelievable catalog of music on demand through MOG and a wide variety of other free internet programming including major league sports, sent to our TV via the Roku box. Oh, and not to mention, about 20 local channels via the antennae including all the major networks, MeTV, ION network, Fox and various others. The digital signal through the antennae is uncompressed, true HD and the picture is much better than cable.

Meanwhile, cable companies are dropping channels and jacking up their prices. Very happy to have left cable behind us. It was (for us) a true waste of money.


dentaldawg83 3 years, 1 month ago

"I want my MTV"...not really...doubt of I will even notice these channels are gone...


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